Wolverine XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2013)

Director:Axel Braun Studio:Vivid Comix  Running time:1 hr 43 min  Country:US Language:English  Genre: Adult 

Subtitle:None  Starring:Aiden Ashley, Allie Haze, Andy San Dimas, Asa Akira, Charmane Star, Derrick Pierce,

Evan Stone, Lexington Steele, Maya Hills, Tommy Gunn, Xander Corvus


Big budget feature parody porn! In the adult DVD Wolverine XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Wolverine (Tommy Gunn) is a mutant with an unbreakable skeleton, retractable adamantium claws, and a healing ability that reverses nearly any wound. His past however, is shrouded in mystery. Calling himself Logan, Wolverine has spent years trying to unravel the layers of his own history.

Will Domino, a female mutant with luck abilities help Wolverine stitch together the threads of his past? And what about the insidious Sabretooth... can Wolverine help Domino find him? They track Wolverine''s more brutal counterpart, but must face Lady Deathstrike and Deadpool along the way. The trio prove too much for Wolverine and Domino; it''ll take Phoenix and Rogue to save them! All knives are out as Axel Braun presents his new superhero epic, Wolverine!

Also stars Allie Haze, Asa Akira, Andy San Dimas, and more!

3 Reasons To Buy This Film
You haven''t been disappointed with any of Axel Braun''s big budget parodies, have you?
Featuring fucking outstanding performances from Allie Haze, Aiden Ashley, and of course Tommy Gunn!
It''s the only way to find out if the dick power matches the power of the claw.


    One of the most fun things about Axel Brauns sexually explicit comic book based oeuvre, from a fanboy perspective at least, is the license Braun takes to put beloved superheroes together who have never shared screen time in Hollywoods adaptations.
    In Wolverine XXX, the sharp-knuckled title character (played by a mega gruff-voiced Tommy Gunn) pairs upreluctantlywith everyones favorite arachnid, Spider-Man (Xander Corvus reprising his signature role once again), to go after Sabretooth (Evan Stone, completely unrecognizable thanks to the ace makeup by industry veteran 2-Ply).
    During their mission, our protagonists receive helpand invigorating dick-wettingfrom Wolverines sexiest fellow X-Men, Rogue (Allie Haze) and Jean Grey (Andy San Dimas). It seems a plot is afoot with the assistance of Domino (Axel Braun contract girl Aiden Ashley) and Lady Deathstrike (Maya Hills) to harvest the DNA of Wolverine and Sabretooth for some sinister military project involving mutant making.
    How do Domino and Deathstrike procure their samples? Through the time-honored stealth tactic of fucking, of course! Domino gives herself to Wolverine in the opener, and later Deathstrike lets Sabertooth unleash his pent-up aggression by tearing into her including by way of her anal chute.
    In between, during what we soon find out is a flashback for Wolverine, there is a positively scorching girl/girl scene between his slain bride-to-be Mariko (reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year Asa Akira) and her handmaiden, played by the stunning Charmane Star.
    Elsewhere, after Rogue discovers that the healing powers possessed by Deadpool (Derrick Pierce) allow her to touch him and Spidey to touch her, the three of them take advantage of the opportunity to engage in a super-horny-hero ménage; and Jean Grey makes it with Wolverine on a hilltop patio just because.
    While the story seems mostly to serve as a basic setup for a portended sequel, the real strong suit of this production is its sex scenes; the girls are all A-list (literallymost of their names even start with the letter) and deliver the strokeworthy smolder for which theyre each known. It would be no stretch to call this the most sexually power-packed of Brauns superhero parodies to date.
     For full disclosure, weve seen neither of the big screen Wolverine films, but we know well enough that the degree to which Brauns comic capers parallel their mainstream counterparts begins and ends with their titlesand since the two Wolverine pics have received far from glowing feedback, we feel safe enough in recommending that fans just bypass them both and proceed directly to the more fun, naughty version Braun has served up.

-- Allen Smithberg - AVN





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