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Kids (1995)



Directer:Larry Clark  Producer:Christine Vachon, Gus Van Sant, Cary Woods, Cathy Konrad  

Writter:Larry Clark, Harmony Korine    Story: Music:Lou Barlow  

Cinematography:Eric Edwards  Editor:Christopher Tellefsen   Running time:91 minutes  Country:United States  Language:English  Genre:Crime, Drama  Subtitle:ไทย
Starring:Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Chloë Sevigny, Rosario Dawson

   มันคือหนังฉาวโฉ่ที่สุดเมื่อ 14ปีที่แล้ว ก็เล่นเอาเด็กอายุ 12-14มาเซ็กส์หมู่กันนี่หน่า..เฮอๆ..
และที่น่าทึ่งมันเป็นผลงานการกำกับเรื่องแรกในชีวิตของตาเฒ่าลามก แลรี่ คลาก ด้วยวัย52ปีในขณะนั้น

    ถึงจะเริ่มต้นช้า(ไปมาก) แต่ความแก่คงไม่ใช้ปัญหา เพราะแกแจ้งเกิดทันทีกับหนังเรื่องนี้ และขึ้นแท่นผู้กำกับแถวหน้าผู้เชี่ยวชาญทำหนังวัยรุ่นกับเซ็กส์ทันที 

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  ถึงใครจะว่า เรื่อง Kids เป็นหนัง เ-หี้-ย ๆ ยังไงก็ตาม แต่ เมืองคานน์กลับชอบ เพราะKids เข้าชิงปาร์มทองในปีนั้นด้วย หนังตีแผ่เด็กอเมริกันวัยรุ่นตอนต้น กับปัญหาเรื่องยาเสพติด เซ็กส์ และโรคเอดส์

หนังเข้าชิง Independent Spirit Award ในปีนั้นหลายรางวัล และJustin Pierce ก็คว้ามา1รางวัลได้กับบทแคสเปอร์ (สงสัยคงได้ตอนมันเอาผ้าอนามัยมาดูด..เหอะๆ)

   และ  Kids ยังเป็นหนังเรื่องแรกของ Chloë Sevigny ดาราดังในเวลาต่อมา คนที่ใช้โอษฐกาม(แบบจริงๆ) ในเรื่อง The Brown Bunny (2003) <---(คลิกดูรีวิว)

Kids is a 1995 American drama film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark. The film features Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce and Rosario Dawson, most of them in their debut performances. The film is centered on a day in the life of a group of sexually active teenagers in New York City and their unrestrained behavior towards sex and drugs during the era of HIV in the mid-1990s.

Kids created considerable controversy upon its release in 1995, and caused much public debate over its artistic merit, even receiving an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. It was later released without a rating.

Disturbing, dark, low-budget independent film about teen-agers growing up in poverty in New York City. The story focuses on Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), a teen who has a goal to de-flower as many virgins as he can. When one of his old encounters discovers that she is H.I.V.-positive, after only one encounter with a guy, Telly remains undaunted.



Cannes Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1995 Nominated Golden Palm Larry Clark
Independent Spirit Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1996 Won Independent Spirit Award Best Debut Performance
Justin Pierce
Nominated Independent Spirit Award Best First Feature
Larry Clark (director)
Cary Woods (producer)
Best First Screenplay
Harmony Korine
Best Supporting Female
Chloë Sevigny


Kids follows a group young, unsupervised, not mature, but all-too-grown-up kids in New York. One girl has just been diagnosed with HIV and is trying to notify the boy who gave it to her, who is on a quest to sexually prey upon innocent girls. The film follows these characters and their friends through the day, hanging out, playing, carousing, and going to parties. Each scene is intriguing and disturbing -- conveying an urban reality that includes drugs, sex, guns, and disease; and yet never letting you forget these are *kids*, some of them barely in puberty. Written by tmika

A controversial portrayal of teens in New York City which exposes a world which is deeply disturbing. The film focuses on a freckled boy Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), whose idea of safe sex is to have sex with only virgins. But one girl from one of his past unprotected passion test positive for HIV, and soon finds him making love yet to another unsuspecting girl Written by Paul Watabe

A disturbing portrayal of teenage life, AIDS, and the Kids of New York City. Controversial in its content, the film exposes the grim reality of a group of skate-boarders in the space of 24 hours. Primarily the story consists of Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) a 17 year old slacker whose mission is to de-flower as many young girls as possible, whilst unprotected. Things turn bad when an old flame finds out she has tested positive for HIV and the only person she has had sex with is Telly. She chases through New York to find him but is too late as he has already de-flowered yet another innocent pre-teen. Written by Dan Adamson {dan@clanjade.freeserve.co.uk}

The movie Kids is a view of a city kids world. You watch Telly, a unsupervised teen in the streets of New York taking advantage of innocent young girls not knowing he has HIV but one of the girls he slept with a year before does. In knowing this she runs the streets looking for him while he plans to deflower another young girl. And in the midst of all this, you see kids as young as 10 or 11 using drugs and alcohol with some of the older kids. Kids is basically a movie that warns you what the hell could be happening to your very own child. Written by Joe Sanders



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