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The Cloud Door (1994)

Director:Mani Kaul Producer:Regina Ziegler, Lalitha Krishna Story by:Bhāsa (play Avimaraka), Mohammed Jayasi (poem Padmavat) Screenplay by:Mani Kaul Music by:Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar Cinematography:Anil Mehta  Edited by:Lalitha Krishna

Running time:29 min Country:Germany, India Language:Hindi Genre:Short, Drama, Mystery  Subtitle:English 

Starring: Anu Agrawal ... Kurangi, Murad Ali ... Ratnasen, Vasadeva Bhait,  Shashi,  Yusuf Khurram, Shambhavi, Irfan, Bahauddin Dagar


      The Cloud Door (1994) ภาพยนตร์อินเดียแนวอีโรติกทุนสร้างเยอรมัน โปรดิวส์โดย Regina Ziegler  กำกับโดยผู้กำกับมากฝีมือที่ได้รับการยอมรับอย่างสูงของหนังอินเดีย Mani Kaul กับเรื่องราวที่อิงจากเรื่องเล่าปรัมปราของชาวฮินดู
     เหตุการณ์เกิดขึ้นเมื่อกษัตริย์ของอินเดียบังเอิญมาได้ยินเจ้านกแก้วกำลังเล่าเรื่องราวเชิงอีโรติกให้ลูกสาวของเขาฟัง ด้วยความโกรธเขาจึงต้องการที่จะฆ่าเจ้านกแก้วนี้เสีย แต่องค์หญิงยื่นมือเข้ามาช่วยขอชีวิตเจ้านกแก้ว โดยอธิบายชี้แจงให้พระบิดาได้เข้าใจว่า เจ้านกแก้วนั้นไม่ได้รู้เรื่องอะไรเลยในสิ่งที่มันพูดไป ทำให้เจ้านกแก้วนั้นรู้สึกสำนึกในบุญคุณขององค์หญิง จึงออกบินไปตามหาคนรักให้องค์หญิง และนำเขามาพบกับเธอ เพื่อร่วมรักกับเธอ...


Really A Very Good Erotic Film.....
Author: dearketan from India
21 October 2008
I watched this film in some foreign language, so I can''t understand the dialogs. But, Yet I understood the film quite well. The Heroine Miss. Anu Agarwal is very beautiful and sexy in this film. I have seen her other films, But none compare to this film. She has acted really very good. Her skin complexion is bit dark. But call it a "Black Beauty".

The Story is short and simple. It''s about the parrot and the princess. Earlier I thought that it was just another steamy hot movie with some sex scenes. But, When I watched it I was really shocked on seeing the locations and the script is very good. The music is traditional Classical Indian Music. The palace shown is a beauty. I don''t know what to say. A really nice watch.

I have given on 8 out of 10 because the film is very short i.e. Less then 30 Mins.

But surely a worth watch it and NSFW.

A quest for freedom and sensuality

Author: anand1213 from India
4 November 2015
The Cloud Door offers a glimpse into the classical erotic literature of India where desires seem to burn you and the resulting smoke consumes everything. The ever present parrot offers expert advice on sensuality, travels through the air, looms like a cloud and brings in with him lovers of his own manifestation, desires and passions. The freedom might seem like an intrusion or an expression of joy or a mere act to instill Eros in the minds of the religious. The clouds where the bird travels in not his end but a door to the invisible and even what we see, the symbolism, is misleading from the wretched Brahmin to the laughing fish. Mani Kaul has always fascinated me with his visuals; the geometry of his frames, symmetry in shots, the color palette, the way he depicts spaces as something not confined in the structures which exist around it and the lyrical feel in which words flow beside the images and you are left gasping while you try to absorb all details presented.

A gentle film filled with beauty and mysticism

Author: raymond-15 from Australia
3 March 2003
A little parrot who chatters incessantly is the star performer in this short film. It''s a knowing little bird especially in the aspects of love. It can work a spell on lovers'' hearts (just like Cupid can ) and can give advice on intimate acts such as foreplay. I thought it was an exquisitely mischievous bird in a beautiful palace setting as the sitars moaned and groaned their rather melancholy music.

Sadness reigned when the little bird flew off over the mountains beyond the clouds and was imprisoned in a cage by a bird catcher. But a young man Ratnasen set him free with the promise that the bird would lead him to Kurangi a beautiful princess residing in the palace.

The lesser characters are no more that a part of the moving scenery giving the cinemaphotographer ample opportunities for filming beautiful underwater scenes of naked girls searching for a string of pools dropped into the palace pool.

The sari costumes are no more than an artistic drape half-covering naked bodies. They are very sexy and so easily cast aside. There is constant reference to burning desire.

It''s a refreshing mystical little tale and I suspect just a fragment of an age-old legend. It certainly has that feel about it. And I feel there are certain omissions. I think the title refers to the passing clouds which render what lies beyond invisible and out of reach. As for the final scene with a laughing fish on a dinner platter, I am still trying to find a reasonable explanation. Perhaps it is best left unsolved. After all this is a fairy tale where birds and animals seem to play an equally important role as human beings.

(คลิกที่รูปเพื่อดูรูปใหญ่ สกอเมาส์หรือกดปุ่มคีบอร์ดลูกศรเพื่อดูรูปต่อไป) 

The Cloud Door (Hindi: बादल द्वार, German: Die Himmelspforte) is a 1994 short Indo-German dramatic film, directed by acclaimed Indian director Mani Kaul and featuring Hindu erotic literary themes. The film was produced by the German producer Regina Ziegler. The Cloud Door was featured along with other short films such as Susan Seidelman''s The Dutch Master and Ken Russell''s The Insatiable Mrs. Kirsch, as a part of Ziegler Films'' compilation of short erotic films called Erotic Tales.[2]


An Indian king overhears a parrot telling erotic stories to his daughter. Enraged, he wishes to kill the parrot. The princess intervenes and saves the parrot''s life by explaining to her father that the bird does not know what it is saying. In gratitude, the bird flies to the princess''s lover and leads him through a labyrinth to the princess''s private chambers. The princess and the lover spend the night making love.

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