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Savage Streets (1984)

Director:Danny Steinmann Producer:John Strong Story by: Screenplay by:Danny Steinmann , Norman Yonemoto

Music by:John D''Andrea Cinematography:Stephen L. Posey  Edited by:John A. O''Connor , Bruce Stubblefield, Michael Lloyd

Running time:93 minutes Country:United States Language:English Genre:Action, Crime Subtitle:None

Starring: Linda Blair as Brenda, Linnea Quigley as Heather, Robert Dryer as Jake, John Vernon as Underwood,
Sal Landi as Fargo
, Johnny Venocur as Vince, Scott Mayer as Red, Deborah Blee as Rachel,
Lisa Freeman as Francine
, Marcia Karr as Stevie, Luisa Leschin as Maria, Ina Romeo as Stella

หนังคัลท์ยุค80 ของLinda Blair ที่ไม่ใช่หนังผี เรื่องราวการแก้แค้นเหล้าทรชนให้กับน้องสาวของเธอ

    Savage Streets is a 1984 American vigilante action film starring Linda Blair. Directed by Danny Steinmann, the film premiered on October 5, 1984.
This is one of the few non-horror films that both Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley star in.

After nearly being run down in the street by a gang known as the Scars, Brenda (Linda Blair) and her deaf-mute younger sister Heather (Linnea Quigley) and their friends trash the car of the gang leader, Jake. Jake exacts his revenge by getting his cohorts to gang-rape Heather. A fight between Brenda and her friends and the Scars at a local nightclub results in Brenda''s pregnant, soon-to-be-married friend Francine being murdered by the Scars, who throw her off a viaduct. When Brenda learns who is responsible for Heather''s rape, and that Francine is dead and the Scars are responsible, Brenda arms herself and sets out to avenge them. Finding them at a nearby warehouse, Brenda impales one of the gang members, Fargo, with an arrow; kills another, Red, by snapping a bear trap shut upon his neck; and then begins to torture Jake with arrows shot into his thighs and a hunting knife as he hangs by his feet from a gate. However, he then manages to free himself and attacks her. The showdown ends in a nearby paint store; as a burglar alarm blares, Brenda douses Jake in paint and then sets him on fire with a cigarette lighter that she has previously had difficulty getting to produce a flame, just before the police arrive.


Superb 80s vigilante trash classic.
Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England

14 August 2007
A decade or so after her head-turning performance as a puking, foul-mouthed possessed girl in The Exorcist, Linda Blair''s movie career wasn''t exactly flourishing. Bad news for Linda, but good news for fans of trashy movies.

With the now chubby actress (reportedly) hooked on drugs, and quality roles a thing of the past, Linda made the inevitable move into the world of exploitation cinema.

After playing an innocent girl banged up in a lesbian hell-hole in the wonderfully sleazy WIP movie Chained Heat, Linda starred in the violent revenge drama Savage Streets, which saw her in one of her finest (ie. cheesiest) roles of the 80s, as Brenda, the street-smart leader of a gang of high-school girls, who turns vigilante after her deaf/mute sister (played by a young Linnea Quigley) is gang-raped and her best friend is murdered.

With cat-fights in the school showers, tons of gratuitous nudity (even Linda gets her thruppennies out!), a protracted rape scene, bad disco dancing, nasty deaths (and even nastier 80s fashion), awful dialogue, several lame ''Porkys''-style comedy moments, and a rockin'' soundtrack by John Farnham, Savage Streets is tacky sleazoid trash of the highest order.

A suitably silly ending sees a big-haired, lip-glossed, leather-catsuited, crossbow-toting Brenda hunting down and killing the gang who diddled her little sister and threw her best bud off a bridge—and then being allowed to walk away scot free by a seemingly uninterested bunch of cops, who arrive on the scene just as our heroine has toasted her final scumbag.

If you enjoy low-budget trash, do yourself a favour and check this one out ASAP.

Revenge of the 80''s: Linda Blair Superstar
Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater (sirjosephu@aol.com) from Sacramento, CA
15 October 2003

Savage Streets (1984) is one of my favorite trashy flicks. Linda Blair is out for revenge! Dressed in black and armed with a crossbow (that has one heck of a pull) walking the streets, stalking the street scum that have wronged her family and friends. See her marinate in the tub, calculating her every move. This movie''s classic Linda Blair. If you love bad movies, this ones for you. It has everything a b-movie fan loves. Bad dialog, hammy acting, pedestrian direction and sleaze (the good kind, not the one that gives you bad flashbacks or nightmares). A couple of the genre''s mainstays also have supporting roles, Linnea Quigley and John Vernon make co-star appearances (what no Michelle Bauer?). This movie has bad girls, bad clothes and bad attitude. I highly recommend this movie.

For trash lovers only.

80''s exploitation with great cast

Author: Bogey Man from Finland
3 June 2002

Savage Streets (1984) is directed by Danny Steinmann and this belongs to the better achievements of the vigilante genre. Brenda''s (Linda Blair) deaf little sister Heather (Linnea Quickley) is abused by a brutal street gang and left to her agony on the school floor. Her sister is very tough and powerful (both physically and mentally) and soon she begins her own war against those b****rds that raped and killed innocent people.

There are no morals in this films, but as far as one is interested in vigilante movies (which may include some morals, too) this is very pleasant classic from the 1980''s as these films are not made anymore. The rape scene is pretty disturbing as the girl cannot even scream. The violence is not too heavy but heavy enough to shock the mainstream audience, and this would probably not get an R rating nowadays in its full form, but then, it didn''t get it back then, either. Linnea is very beautiful and acts her silent role convincingly, and her sister''s actress Linda Blair is also fantastic and should scare all the males with her crossbow and killer expression on her face..

I liked this flick, because I love these nostalgic (just listen to the marvelous soundtrack!!!) street films from the 80''s. Others of its kind are for example Lustig''s Vigilante, Winner''s Death Wish (from the 70''s but still) and Ferrara''s Ms. 45. Savage Streets is not too intelligent movie but as a trash exploitation this is very important piece of genre''s history, in my opinion! And of course there is a shower scene without any other purpose than to show us naked women. And also a fight scene in the shower! And also.. Well, fans of the genre know exactly what to expect from this kind of film: great dialogue and characters, nudity, gratuitous violence, rock and disco music and so on, and Savage Streets delivers it all and so is recommended for fans of this kind of low budget exploitation.

Blair''s best 80''s movie

Author: movieman_kev from United States
25 November 2008

Brenda (Linda Blair), along with her high school friends, feels its a good idea to steal some hoodlum''s car & total it after her deaf/mute sister walks into the middle of the road and almost gets hit by them. This doesn''t sit well for the decidedly homo-erotic gang of ''bad boys'' lead with sadistic panache by Jake, so they decide to rape Brenda''s sister which leads to her seeking vengeance in this 80''s exploitation staple.

Some might say that this film is simple-minded and while there''s truth to that and it''s a valid point, this film is also a pretty good piece of trash that wears it''s exploitation badge on it''s sleeve. I admire that and it''s a fun enough seedy little ride that lets me excuse Blair''s terribly campy acting throughout. Director Danny Stienmann does a bang-up job and if he''ll just do another film of this caliber I promise i''ll forgive him for "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" Oh yeah, and I have to give props to John Vernon, as well, as his part, though rather small, is still greatness.

Eye Candy: Linda Blair, Rebecca Perle, and Suzee Slater get topless; Linnea Quigley shows boobs and a hint of muff (but it''s in a very unerotic scene); various extras show tits, ass & bush in the obligatory shower scene

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