Halloween: XXX Porn Parody (2011)


 Hardcore  Adult Only

Directer: Jim Powers  

Studio : Smash Pictures

Running time: 120 min

Country: US

Language: English

Subtitle: None
Andy San Dimas, Lily LaBeau, Lexi Belle, Raven Alexis, Britney Amber, Seth Gamble, Marcus London, Bill Bailey, Jessy Jones, Chris Strokes

      Ҿ¹¹Ѻ˭촤 (Hardcore  Adult Only) Ҿ¹ͧѭͧ Halloween Ѻ


Spoof porn! It was on Halloween night that a young Michael Myers inexplicably slaughtered his slutty older sister (Ravem Alexis). Fifteen years later, he escapes a mental hospital and returns home. Spotting a scholarly looking teenager, Laurie (Lilly LaBeau), the deranged psychopath Michael lusts after her and stalks her. Finding her trampy friends, Annie (ANDY SAN DIMAS) and Lynda (Lexi Belle) engaging in carnal acts with their boyfriends on Halloween eve, just as his sister did years ago, sets Michael off. While her friends are off engaging in sex acts and getting killed, the responsible Laurie is at home babysitting. Unable to reach her friends by phone, Laurie becomes suspicious and walks across the street to Annie''s darkened house and comes fact to face with Michael Myers himself.

3 Reasons To Buy This Film

How big is Michael Myers'' knife, really?
All star poon pros like Andy San Dimas, Lexi Belle, and Lilly Labeau screaming for their lives and not to get hacked to pieces!
We all knew there was tons of sex in the original, but now we get to see it!

One of the most enduring horror movie franchises gets the porn parody treatment from director Jim Powers and Smash Pictures. This is one release youll want to pick up in time for All Hallows Eve.

The story begins on Halloween night when a deranged Michael Myers spies his sister (Raven Alexis) getting fucked silly. Ravens screams while getting boned could raise the dead, and it isnt long, in fact, before she gets slaughtered by bro Michael for being so slutty. Cool footage from Michaels POV makes this a fun kill.

Fifteen years later the still silent Michael escapes the state mental facilitybut not before pyschiatrist (Marcus London) and nurse (Britney Amber) get randy in the transport vehicle that Michael subsequently steals. With tits like Britney has, we can forgive Marcus crossing his professional boundaries.

Next we meet goodie-two-shoes Laurie (Lily LaBeau), who Michael stalks at close range. Creepy music interludes play while we see what Michael sees while he silently watches his next victim. It seems like Lilys the only one that can see Michael while she walks with her friends Annie (Andy San Dimas) and Lynda (Lexi Belle), who persuade her to ditch her babysitting job on Halloween night to have fun with them.

Myers will see these girls fucking on Halloween, like he did his sister 15 years ago, and brutally kill them. But lets not spoil the fun

Not wanting to get involved in any sexual shenanigans, Laurie leaves just as her friend Annie gets down with her boyfriend. Always super hot, San Dimas turns in a great scenebefore she gets her throat slit.

Same deal with Lynda. The preternaturally cute Lexi and her boyfriend boff in a spirited session and get slaughtered by Michael.

Finally we get to see Laurie fuck Michael. A sloppy blowjob through his white sheet leaves Michael with a sizeable stiffy. The way she diddles her clit while bouncing in reverse cowgirl proves shes definitely not the virgin her friends tease her of being.

A creepy final scene in which Laurie does battle with Michael only to have Dr. Loomis arrive on the scene, save her, and shoot Michael numerous times until he falls over the balcony, was shot well by Powers. Loomis peers off the ledge to admire his handiworkonly to find Michaels body isnt there. Spooky!

-- Buzz Killington - AVN



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