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My Little Loves (1974)

Director:Jean Eustache  Writter:Jean Eustache  Running time:123 min Country:France Language:French Genre:Drama  

Subtitle:English  Starring: Martin Loeb ... Daniel, Jacqueline Dufranne ... La grand-mère, Jacques Romain, Ingrid Caven ... La mère,
Vincent Testanière, Roger Rizzi, Anne Stroka, Cirque Muller, Syndra Kahn, Jean-Jacques Bihan, Ghislaine Lakomy,
Brigitte Pangaud, Michele Deboutet, Dionys Mascolo ... José Ramos, Claire Treille, Louis Caut, Patrick Eustache,

Henri Martinez ... Henri Ramos, Jean-Noël Picq, Jean-Claude Gasché, Maurice Pialat ... Ami d''Henri, Felicia Ferguson,
Marie-Hélène Foissier, Philippe Gyiuriu, Alain Dumas, Aissa Ihamouine, Pierre Edelman ... Louis, le dragueur du bistrot


My Little Loves (1974)

My Little Loves (1974)

My Little Loves (1974)

My Little Loves (1974)

My Little Loves (1974)

My Little Loves (1974)


Moscow International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1975 Nominated Golden Prize Jean Eustache 

 Mes petites amoureuses (1974)

My Little Loves (French: Mes Petites Amoureuses) is a French drama film written and directed by Jean Eustache, his second and last feature. It was released in 1974 and stars Martin Loeb as an adolescent boy shunted from a tranquil lifestyle at his grandmother''s rural abode to his mother''s cramped apartment in the city. Ingrid Caven plays the boy''s mother. The film''s running time is 123 minutes, more than an hour less than that of Eustache''s earlier feature La Maman et la Putain. The film was entered into the 9th Moscow International Film Festival.

A study of minor events in the adolescence of a boy growing up in small towns. Daniel lives with his grandmother and, after one year of high school, has to go to live with his mother in the south of France. She is a seamstress living in a tiny apartment with her lover Jose, a Spanish farm worker. Daniel would like to continue school, but his mother cannot afford it, so she sends him to work as an apprentice in a moped repair shop. Daniel wiles away his time in the shop, and learns about girls from the other boys in town. When he returns to visit his grandmother next year, it is obvious that he has grown up faster than his old friends.

A sweet and different outlook on life and film-making
Author: Mark Stewart
This was my first introduction to Jean Eustache''s work (during a retrospective at a local film fest) and I didnt really know what to expect. Having seen 12 films in the past 4 days, and lining up an old French film that was over 2 hours, I was prepared to fight to stay awake. I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised to find myself getting caught up in this charming tale of a boy''s youth in France. In some ways, the lack of a distinct plot adds to the charm of the film, as a series of vignettes strung together give the real feeling of a slice of life. The gaucheness of the boy, especially towards girls, had the entire audience squirming in their seats at times, but out of sympathy for the lad, who I would rate as the character I have connected most with emotionally in recent time.

The way that women are depicted in the film is certainly dated when we look back on it now, however in some ways this works well, as we are never really privy to how these women think just as Daniel is not (it is very interesting that we do not learn his name until very much near the end, and I for one did not realise I hadnt known it). Beautifully and lovingly shot, very well acted indeed, this is a feelgood film without being sappy, Amelie without the surrealism.

Charming but Uncomfortable
Author: arenn (arenn@urbanophile.com) from Evanston, Illinois USA
13 January 2001
My Little Loves is a charming and at times troubling semi-autobiographical film detailing a year in the life of a stand-in for Eustache in the south of France. During the course of the film, we see him transformed from a bright but somewhat shy rural boy to a blossoming teenage hoodlum in a larger town. Ripped away from the comfort of his grandmother''s home in the country, he finds himself sleeping on a cot in his mother''s one room flat in town and working as a mechanic instead of attending high school. There is plenty of time for drifting, and he falls in with an older crowd of delinquents at a local cafe, much of whose activities revolve around groping girls and searching for that elusive score.

The molestation of women might be offputting to some. But it is supposed to be somewhat offputting. Becoming an adolescent is a painful process in the best of times, and Eustache''s young self has more than his fair shares of troubles. He can''t relate to women except in the most base sense of groping them. This essential failure is a metaphor for all of his youthful inabilities to cope. And despite what we might think of some of his behaviors, we certainly empathize with him. Especially any guy who is old enough to have gone through this experience will. The only weakness here is perhaps a bit of excessive audience manipulation to evoke sympathy for him, through bludgeoning us with his being yanked from school despite being a very bright student and the like. Still, I enjoyed this one quite a bit.




Broken Flowers (2005)



Director: Jim Jarmusch

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