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The Alcove (1985)


 Softcore  Adult Only

Directer: Joe D''Amato  

Writter: Ugo Moretti

Running time: 90 min

Country: Italy

Language: English, Deutsch

Subtitle: Deutsche
Lilli Carati ... Alessandra
Annie Belle ... Wilma
Al Cliver ... Elio De Silveris
Roberto Caruso ... Furio
Laura Gemser ... Zerbal
Nello Pazzafini ... The Gardener (uncredited)


       The Alcove หรือ Sklavin für einen Sommer ผลงานของ Joe D''Amato

ที่แสดงนำโดย Laura Gemser

A couple of years ago Severin Films released what might be my favorite boxed sets of all time: Black Emanuelle’s Box Vol. 1&2. The sets included some of Black Emanuelle’s – aka the ridiculously exotic Laura Gemser – best collaborations with Euro-sleaze legend Joe D’Amato and tons of wonderful extras. These sets would introduce me to Laura and set my loins ablaze with her care-free sexuality and penchant for getting into the most dangerous, sexy and often perverted situations. Her gangly, boney body-type is not really my cuppa – as I like them buxom and booty-licious – but there is just something about her dark, smoldering sexiness that makes me not want to take my eyes off of her. If you are a newbie or long time fan of the Gemser/D’Amato connection you must pick up these sets. But understandably absent from those sets where Gemser and D’Amato’s non-Emanuelle Nero films like The Alcove. When I heard Severin was getting back on the Gemser train, I was salivating with anticipation.

A military officer, world traveler and all around man of the world Elio brings presents home to his wife and secretary from his recent trip to Africa. The most unusual of those gifts was the Abyssinian (Ethiopian) slave girl Zerbal who he received from her father as a token of gratitude for saving his life. The new addition to the house doesn’t sit well with the the wife Alessandra and the sexy secretary who are secretly lovers. They look down on on her and call her a “stinky negro savage”. When Elio leaves for business he gives Zerbal to his wife to be her slave and their relationship quickly becomes sexual when Alessanra gets caught in the African sex goddess’s love net. Of course this new relationship doesn’t sit well with her husband or lesbian lover so erotic sparks begin to fly as sexual tensions flare and burn out of control. It isn’t long before the balance of power in the house changes and the masters become the slaves.

The Alcove may be D’Amato’s closest film to the soft art-erotica of Tinto Brass. The film is set in a 1940′s Italian countryside with lavish shots of the estate, incredibly sexy, soft and artistic camera work, and tons of nude close-ups and sex. The acting was great and the characters were interesting but this was not one of my favorite Gemser flicks. Up until about three quarters into the movie where Zerbal, Aless and Elio turn on the secretary, holding her down and letting the oafish gardener rape her while filming it, the rest of it was pretty tame and almost boring. And the plot just falls apart after this seemingly forced scene. The sex was pretty ho-hum even though Gemser and the other women, especially Lilli Carati who plays “Alessandra”, were plenty appealing. The kissing between the forbidden lovers, which was supposed to be sensuous and passionate, looked very awkward and forced. Some silent movie porn clips they watched in one scene were WAY more graphic and interesting than the actual movie. The whole thing just seemed like an Italian soap opera with an added rape scene and out-of-the-blue surprise (i.e., dumb) ending.

Severin Films will be releasing this uncut and uncensored version of The Alcove on DVD February 23, 2010. The disk’s anamorphic transfer is pretty good except for towards the end of the runtime there is an annoying vertical line on the left side of the screen for about 5 minutes, and the Dolby mono soundtrack sounds great. The extras are pretty slim but it does feature an interview with the director called Talking Dirty with Joe D’Amato that’s worth a look if you’re a fan. All-in-all I am disappointed in the movie but I will say that I am glad to have it in my collection if only for the Gemser completist I inspire to be. For fans of slow burning and artistic Euro-sleaze, you will be completely satisfied, but for people like me looking for more action-packed sleaze, I would say stick with the boxed sets or another D’Amato flick like Images in a Convent.

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