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Flores de perversion (2005)


 Adult Only

Directer: Jesus Franco 

Writter: Jesus Franco

Running time: 93 min

Country: Spain | Germany

Language: Spanish

Subtitle: English
Fata Morgana
Carmen Montes
Eva Neumann
Exequiel Caldas
Rachel Sheppard
Martin Gardfield
Lina Romay
Domiziano Arcangeli


  ผลงานของ  Jesus Franco ที่ดัดแปลงจากนิยาย Marquis de Sade อีกแล้วนะครับ แล้วยังมี Lina Romay ขาประจำเล่นด้วยอีกเช่นเคย แต่เรื่องนี้ค่อนข้างจะหลอนๆ ด้วยภาพหลายสไตล์เลยนะครับ ทั้งสีสันจัดจ้านไปจนถึง ขาวดำ แล้วก็เลสเบี้ยนกันรุนแรงมาก แถมจับผู้ชายมาทรมานด้วยครับ น่ากัว น่ากัว ครับ

Flores de perversión (2005)

Mme Villeblanche (Lina Romay) operates an upscale prostitution empire located in a office tower somewhere in Spain. She spends most of her days frolicking in bed with her assistant (Rachael Sheppard), occasionally interrupted by business calls on her cellphone. Two new hookers are hired to lure clients into the torture chambers of Mme... a one-way trip for the customers.

Jess Franco has returned to Sade again and again since JUSTINE in 1968. That adaptation of Sade''s infamous 1791 novel was scripted by producer Harry Alan Towers, this 21st shot-on-HiDef-direct-to-DVD item, along with its 2005 [onscreen(C)2003] sister project FLORES DE PASION, has yet to make it to R1 DVD.

Just as he brought Sade into the 20th Century with works like EUGENIE DE SADE (1970), PLAISIR A TROIS (1973) and EUGENIE...THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION (1970), he''s now brought him into the early 21st Century, an age of cellphones, shaved pubic hair and the Internet.

This is a situational rather than "plot" film, with Fata Morgana, Carmen Montes acting out bondage, whipping, castration scenarios which climax with sexual cannibalism under the direction of Franco''s Princess of Eroticism, Lina Romay. This isn''t a "nice" movie. Approach with caution.

Once again, it''s all shot in anonymous apartments, hotel rooms and what looks like a brick-walled parking garage... minimalist indoor settings in which the "perverted" tableau unfold. The pubic shaving, lesbian groping and whippings go on and on until "duration" becomes just a term. Nothing often happens in Jess Franco films. That''s not a typo.

There''s no fresh air in this perverse, enclosed universe. Sunlight is replaced by onscreen production lamps, pink, green, yellow electronica and colorized digital noise. We don''t even have the comfort of continuous full color, sometimes the image turns b&w, with blood-red highlights. A nude man is crucified upside down and another (Ezequiel Cohen) is flayed, then castrated before his [obviously fake] genitalia are eaten by the hungry whores of the Mme... It''s an artificial paradise, a vivid, unapologetic alternate reality presented for your consideration.... the Divine Marquis would be proud.

Obsessively interactive with the ladies teasing the camera lens and the viewer beyond while the Franco favorite "Life is Shit" (THE MIDNIGHT PARTY) and other familiar JF tunes are heard on the soundtrack as if caught in a maddening loop.

Will the future be a world without men, just languid, intelligent women who control finances and themselves and enjoy using sex as power? Is Jess wanting us to squirm amidst the sexual terrors? It''s disturbing, amusing, boring, fascinating all at the same time. I changed my mind about it. You might hate it. You might, like myself, be unnerved to watch our blissful daughters of Sappho, their faces stained with a jet of the recently castrated victim''s blood, look into the camera with an evil smile and assert, "And you...will be next." Jess really knows how to hurt a guy. And one can almost see his wicked smile superimposed over the unsavory doings. You get the distinct impression that Franco wants you to take it personally and will break up laughing when you do. It will be knowing, conspiratorial laughter.

As I stated on my FACEBOOK homepage, I didn''t enjoy it on first viewing. But seeing it again, well... let''s just say it takes repeat viewings, if you can take it. ... and that''s a BIG if!

Jess Franco, you''re beautiful, piss me off any time you want. I love it....

Thanks to Francesco Cesari for suggesting I might want to think twice....

Thanks to Eric Cotenas for helping me see the R2 German Kult DVD. Watch it in Spanish with English subs if you can get it. A German language track is also available. I wonder what my reaction will be to FLORES DE PASION?

(C) Robert Monell, 2009


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