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My Little Princess (2010)



Directer:Eva Ionesco  Producer:Les Productions Bagheera, Canal +, France 2

Writter:Eva Ionesco, Marc Cholodenko, Philippe Le Guay  Music:Olivier Mauvezin  Cinematography:Jeanne Lapoirie Running time:105 min   Country:France, Romania  Language:French, English, Romanian Genre:Drama Subtitle: English
Isabelle Huppert – Hanna Giurgiu, Anamaria Vartolomei – Violetta Giurgiu,
Denis Lavant – Ernst
, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing – Antoine Dupuis, Georgetta Leahu – Mamie,
Jethro Cave – Updike
, Pascal Bongard – Jean, Anne Benoît – Madame Chenus,
Johanna Degris-Agogue – Apolline
, Déborah Révy – Nadia, Lou Lesage – Rose,
Nicolas Maury – Louis
, Pauline Jacquart – Fifi



รูปถ่ายของ Eva Ionesco คู่กับ Christian Louboutin



César Awards, France
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2012 Nominated César Best Costume Design (Meilleurs costumes)
Catherine Baba 
Best First Film (Meilleur premier film)
Eva Ionesco (director) 
François Marquis (producer) 


My Little Princess is a 2010 French-Romanian drama film directed by Eva Ionesco and inspired by her relationship with her mother, the well-known artistic photographer Irina Ionesco whose pictures of her young daughter aroused discussions when they were published back in the 1970s. The movie illustrates a situation which at first glance seems to be a paradox: Whilst revealing more and more of her daughter to the public the mother seems to get increasingly estranged from her and vice versa. Anamaria Vartolomei and Isabelle Huppert show this lack of affection so convincingly they have even been accused of interacting insufficiently as actors.  However, Isabelle Huppert told German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview that the shooting of this film had been one of her more peculiar professional experiences because on the set she had had the feeling she was indeed the director''s mother.

Violetta is raised by her grandmother. („Mamie“, the French equivalent for „Grandma“.) Her mother Hanna tries to make a living on making photographs and concentrates on her dreams to become a famous artist. In order to succeed as an artist she doesn''t worry about dating men of questionable reputation. Only every now and then her mother visits her daughter but during these occasions it occurs to her that her daughter could be a potential model. She starts exploiting her daughter who by transforming into a kind of Lolita becomes increasingly alienated from other children of her age. At school she is eventually frequently insulted and rejected. Then Mamie dies and Hannah''s photographs are about to unequivocally overstep the line of acceptability. Hanna even coerces Violetta mercilessly into cooperation by withholding her food in case she doesn''t agree to pose for increasingly daring photographs. Eventually Hanna''s right of custody for her twelve-year-old daughter is at stake.


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Eva Ionesco


Maladolescenza (1977) (Uncut Version)(บรรยายไทยโดย นายป๋อง)
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Isabelle Huppert  


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