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Tag und Nacht (2010)



Directer:Sabine Derflinger  Producer:Nina Kusturica, Eva Testor Writter:Sabine Derflinger, Eva Testor   Music:Gilbert Handler, Petra Zöpnek (Gil Chéri)   Cinematography:Eva Testor   Editor:Karina Ressler  Running time:101 min   Country:Austria   Language:German Genre:Drama   Subtitle: English Starring:Anna Rot ... Lea, Magdalena Kronschläger ... Hanna,
Philipp Hochmair ... Mario, Martina Spitzer ... Sissi, Adrian Topol ... Harald,
Manuel Rubey ... Claus , Ana Stefanovic ... Nada, Wolfgang S. Zechmayer ... Sigi-Kunde







2011 Austrian Film Award - Magdalena Kronschläger, Best Actress

2011 Austrian Film Award - Veronika Hlawatsch/Dietmar Zuson/Bernhard Maisch, Best Sounddesign

2011 ROMY - Nina Kusturica/Eva Testor, Best producer of a cine film


2011 Diagonale Graz - Veronika Albert/Monika Buttinger, Best Costume Design

2011 Athens International Film & Video Festival Ohio - Second price, category Feature Narrative

2011 New York City International Filmfestival - Anna Rot, Best leading actress


2011 Diagonale Graz March 22nd-27th

2011 Athens International Film & Video Festival - Ohio April 22nd-28th

2011 Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; May 3rd-8th

2011 40. Lubuskie Lato Filmowe - Lubuser Filmsummer, Poland; June 26th - July 3rd

2011 New York City International Film Festival; August 18th-25th

2011 Split Film Festival Croatia; September 10th-17th

2011 Hofer Filmtage, Germany; October 25th-30th

2011 International Film Festival Bratislava, Hungary; November 4th-9th

2011 Arraial Cine Fest in Porto Seguro, Brasil; November 25th - Dezember 8th


An unreservedly matter-of-fact look at two young women who consider prostitution an adventure until reality catches up with them.


Lea and Hanna, university students in Vienna, need jobs to make some money on the side. They could always wait tables—but call girls earn more. In DAY AND NIGHT Austrian director Sabine Derflinger takes an unreservedly matter-of-fact look at two young women who consider prostitution an adventure until reality catches up with them.

"Come on, baby!" A man photographs a half-naked woman as she poses seductively on a bed. His instructions leave no doubt in the observer''s mind: The photographs are intended to arouse desire for her body. Afterward they fill out a questionnaire. "What flowers you like?" She doesn''t answer, except with an eager smile. "I''ll just write roses." The man''s name is Mario, and he will hire Lea and Hanna. Mario runs a small escort service and wants to make some easy money by selling sex. That''s what Lea and Hanna want too. And they''re a little curious about the whole thing. Two young women from the country, friends since their childhood who came to study at Vienna''s university. In the big city. A place of adventure. Why shouldn''t a student work as a call girl? As long as it''s her choice, and just for the money, and maybe the thrills too. As long as there''s no coercion involved.

Lea and Hanna are best friends and share a small apartment. A toss of the coin decides: They''ll work as escorts. "And if it stops being fun, we can wait tables," says Hanna. Of course, they''ll earn a lot more working for the escort service, though the job''s demanding in a much different way. "If one of us stops liking it, we''re both quitting." Hanna''s the quiet one, she''s more introverted than her friend. "Right," says Lea, "we''re in this together."


They learn the basics quickly. "You have to make the client feel special," Sissi (Martina Spitzer) tells them. She''s been doing this for some time now. "And if you do, you''ll be special for him, understand?" Lea nods. That''s the most important thing, and they''ll pick up the rest later.

Six women work for Mario, including Sissi, his wife. Everybody''s been happy so far, he says, "the clients, the girls and me. Let''s keep it that way."

Hanna goes out on her first job. Sissi''s already there, with the client. "What are you waiting for? Get undressed. Or are you here to watch TV?" she asks. "He doesn''t even have one, his ex took it."

She also has some good advice for Hanna: "Your perfume and body lotion have to be the same brand, remember that. One scent at a time. Men get confused otherwise." That''s Rule No. 1. And Rule No. 2 is get the money in advance. But Hanna knew that already. Her job''s finished after just a few thrusts. "I think I''ll ask for you again," the client says before he starts snoring.

At the disco Lea meets up with Claus (Manuel Rubey). She knows him from home. He''s working in Vienna, just for the day. "How are things?" he asks. They dance and then kiss. Hanna sends her a text message: "Don''t do anything stupid." But of course, Lea does. Or whatever else you''d call a quickie.

Hanna wants to know if she at least enjoyed herself, and Lea answers that "men come and go, but we''re queens."
"Who," asks Hanna "we women or we whores?" But Lea has to leave. A client''s waiting.

Later she tells her friend it was an older gentleman who wore women''s lingerie under his suit. Lea laughs. This job can be amusing after all. Even if the rubber tasted awful.
Hanna studies art history. She meets Harald (Adrian Topol) at the university. He''s a nice guy. They study together. He doesn''t know about her job.

Business isn''t going so well. Mario can''t provide a driver, the company can''t afford it. And he isn''t willing to pay for one anyway.

Lea fails the audition at the acting school. Then she services a client immediately afterward: His special request involves sex in an elevator. The job is starting to become routine. And life is getting farther and farther away. The combination of studying and working as an escort, of university student and whore, isn''t so simple after all.

The first conflicts arise. Jobs that cross boundaries. "Money," quotes one client, "money is coined liberty, as Dostoyevsky said." Then he stuffs a bill into Hanna''s mouth. "And now tell me something: What will you do for money?"

But the job even starts affecting their private lives: Hanna''s goes to see a client, and finds Harald waiting in the hotel room. He learned her secret by chance. She''s about to leave, but Harald demands sex for money. Like any other client.

Two university students trying their luck as escorts. Day and night

“Come on, baby!” A man is photographing a half-naked woman writhing sensuously on a bed. His intentions are clear. The photos are supposed to get people off. Later a form has to be filled out. “Which flowers you like?” No answer except a willing smile. “Who cares? Just write roses.” The man’s name is Mario (Philipp Hochmair). He is Lea and Hanna’s future employer. He runs a small-scale escort service, and intends to make fast money selling sex.
Lea and Hanna want that too, with a taste of curiosity thrown in for good measure. Two young women from the countryside, childhood friends, who came to Vienna to study. The big city. Their place for adventure.
Why shouldn’t a student work as an escort? As long as it is of her own free will, just for the money, maybe for some tingling in the tummy, definitely no outside force?
Lea and Hanna are sharing a small flat in Vienna. They are best friends. The coin decides: They will work as escorts. “And if we don’t like it, we just start waitressing for 8 euros an hour.” Naturally, an escort earns more than a waitress. But with it comes a very different kind of challenge. “If one of us doesn’t want to do it anymore, we quit,” Hanna says. She is the introvert, the quiet one of the two. “Sure,” Lea says. “We are in it together.”
They have the basics down quickly. “You have to make the client feel special,” Sissi (Martina Spitzer) says. She should know having been on the job for a long time now.
“If you manage that, you are special for him too, get it?” Lea nods. This is the most important thing. The rest remains to be seen.
Six women are working for Mario, including Sissi, who also happens to be his wife. “So far everyone has been pleased,” he says. “The clients, the girls and I. And I want it to stay that way.” Hanna takes the first job. Sissi is already there. “What are you waiting for?,” Sissi asks. “Don’t you want to undress? Or do you want to watch TV with him? He doesn’t have a TV. His wife took it.”
She has more good advice in store for Hanna: “Perfume and body lotion have to be the same brand. Remember: one smell, one story. Everything else confuses them.” This is rule number one, and rule number two is: take the money first. But Hanna already knows this. After a few thrusts the job is done. “I think I have to book you more often.” The client pants and immediately falls asleep.
At a club Lea meets up with Claus (Manuel Rubey), whom she knows from back home. He is in Vienna just for one day on business. “How are your studies going?,” he asks. They dance and kiss. Hanna sends a text message: “Don’t mess up!” Of course, Lea messes up. Or however you want to call a quickie.
Hanna wants to know if Lea enjoyed it at least. Lea’s answer is flirtatiously coquettish. “Men come and go,” she says. “But the two of us are queens.”
“Who the two of us,” Hanna asks. “Us two women, or us two whores?” Then Lea has to go. Another client is waiting.
Later she will tell of the elderly man who wore ladies underwear beneath his suit. Lea laughs. Somehow this job is kind of funny, even though the condom tasted nasty.
Hanna is studying art history. At university she meets Harald (Adrian Topol). He is a nice guy. They study together. He knows nothing about her job.
Business is going after a fashion. At any rate, there is no way Mario can provide a chauffeur. The company can’t afford it, and neither can he.
Lea fails the drama school audition, and immediately afterwards tends to a client. His special request is to have sex in an elevator. The job is slowly becoming part of the daily routine. At the same time, life is moving farther and farther away. Combining study and escort service, it is not so easy after all to be both a student and a whore.
The first signs of conflict arise. Suddenly there are jobs that cross the line. “Money,” says a client, “Money is freedom carved, said Dostoevsky.” He thrusts some bills down Hanna’s throat. “And now I am asking you: What will you do for money? Anything?”
The job starts to take its toll on the girls’ private lives. When Hanna is called to a client, it turns out to be Harald waiting in the hotel room. He has discovered her secret. She wants to leave at once, but Harald demands sex for money. Like a regular client.
Two students attempt to be escorts. One will give up the job. The other will keep it. Day and night.




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