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Boiling Point (2005) (ไม่มีบรรยาย)

Directer:Stephane Berry  Studio:Berry Productions   Running time:  Country:US Language:English

Genre:Adult Gay  Subtitle:No  Starring: David, Kevin, Jeremy, Mateo, Luc, Matt Berry, Morgan Chaplin,

Stephane De Chaigne, Max Deschamps, Sebastien Dupres, Evan Petit 
















 Adult Only


   หนังเกย์สำหรับผู้ใหญ่  Adult Only  จากStephane Berry ในแผ่นยังมีเมนู Extras ครบถ้วนไม่มีการตัดทอน สำหรับเพื่อนๆนักสะสมครับผม


Storyline :

If there''s one thing director Stephane Berry knows, it''s how to get you hard and there''s no better way to do that than with a house full of young, naked men! Two hard cocks in a tub need one thing... a third ass plugging dick! A doctor''s visit complete with genital and anal inspection ends the way you wish it always would! When 2 friends drop by unexpectedly, our host does what any good host would... he offers up his ass for Double Anal Penetration! The pool is heated... by the passion of three hard men! The guys are hanging out in the game room and when they start betting their clothes this foursome really gets going! And just when you''re ready to blow, these studs finish off with the hottest fivesome you''ve ever seen!

The old line about three being a crowd obviously has never occurred to French director Stephane Berry. In "Boiling Point," he celebrates trios, and even fours and fives. Whatever can be done by two, can certainly be done with even more excitement by more, at least here!

The hot tub is eddying, the candles are lit around it and two men are making out. They do pause long enough to hear the doorbell and bother to actually answer it! Three handsome men show up and are served coffee in the politest way possible. Luc, a thin brunet with a long face, and Sebastien Dupres, a beefy guy with an arm tattoo, are led upstairs to Kevin''s room. Kevin has a similar look to Luc, and why they are all there, I have no idea. Unfortunately my French is a bit rusty and the sound a bit quiet, so I couldn''t translate ably. The third of the arrivals, the bubble-butted Mateo, goes into the shower without seeming to glance at darker-skinned hottie Max Deschamps soaking in the tub, and soon enough his partner, dark thin Evan Petit returns to the bathroom. Two scenes seem to be set for mini group action.

Indeed they are. The following two scenes are intercut, but I''ll describe them separately. Evan invites Mateo into the tub with Max. It''s crowded, but all the body contact soon leads to kissing and touching. Evan blows Mateo''s hefty cock while Mateo does the same to Max''s thin long one. All three eventually suck, and the last to show his cock, Evan, has the whopper! Max reveals himself to be quite the oral spitfire, interested in sucking both of his pals as they kiss above him. Max and Evan share Mateo very lovingly with flicking tongues. Anal action arrives with Mateo having his dick sucked by the resolute Max, Evan fucking him behind. Mateo looks mighty thrilled. When Evan bends Mateo over for an official doggy fuck, he''s a wild man top and then he gets to do the same to Max, with the sounds of smacking left in. He''s fiery, but his sucking bottoms don''t seem to mind at all. Mateo gets a chance to top as well, fucking Evan to make all three guys now bottoms. The displays of versatility are interesting, especially because all three are so good at anything they are asked to do. Mateo then pounds away at the lithe Max furiously. Lazing in the tub, it''s pretty-guy Max who gets a body full of cum from the others.

Upstairs, Luc and Sebastien start massaging Kevin''s chest. Sebastien is the first to receive some sucking, with Luc taking on his dark member. That leaves Kevin to do Luc''s amazingly massive piece, one that makes him smile just looking at it. While Kevin continues to stake his claim to Luc, Sebastian rims the sucker, getting in way deep to the hole tucked between two muscled cheeks. Luc then attends to Sebastien''s cock before rimming Kevin with a pierced tongue. When it''s time to fuck, it''s naturally the enormous Luc who will top, taking Kevin, who has loved his dick so much, while Kevin blows a comfortable Sebastien. Luc is obviously expert at wielding his terrifying stick, and fucks Kevin with authority and big speed. Kevin now goes bouncing on Sebastien, who helps by fucking upwards, but not so strong that Kevin can''t keep Luc''s cock in his mouth. However, Kevin is a wide-open bottom, so Sebastien plows up into him with maximum gusto. Then comes the delight of double-penetration, with Kevin sitting on Luc and having Sebastien ram into him as if Luc''s double-sized cock isn''t already in there already. Kevin takes it beautifully, like a real pro. Having had these dicks shoved up his ass together, Kevin lies between them to get cum splatters from both of his tops.

This horny household is full of visitors. Next to arrive is a doctor, in the very handsome Gallic form of David. He''s a doctor because he has glasses and a medical bag. And something tells me he''s about to administer a rectal exam, though is patient, the returning Luc, looks just as healthy as he did a few moments ago. Doctor David uses a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor, all very responsible of him, but then he gives a rectal temperature reading. Why? Who the hell knows, but Luc doesn''t mind. Uh-oh, here come the gloves! The rectal is on! Luc takes the metal dildo, masquerading as a medical doohickey, without complaint. David is soon wrapping Luc''s enormous uncut hardening cock in his hands and mouth, the utmost in TLC (and still with his studious glasses). The loving blowjob shows full medical training and bedside manner enough for another diploma. Nude, Doctor David is quite the hunk himself, with a sensational round butt that will look great complementing Luc''s cock. Luc sucks off David too, with good stretching mouth. In a fun twist, it''s David who tops, having Luc ride him. Luc''s cock swings up against his well-formed abs as he fights hard for this fuck, taking David all the way. A sideways fuck is next, with David quite the able fucker. It''s no crime to watch Luc''s grand cock stay hard during this impassioned fuck either. David has his best moments fucking missionary, mainly because he looks so confidently hot doing it. Tireless David has enough oomph left in him for a beautiful doggy fuck, his big thighs not resting until it''s time for both to spurt big loads on Luc''s stomach. This is the only traditional two-way in the story and it packs the punch of the others with ease.

As the examination upstairs is afoot, restless Max welcomes pals Morgan Chaplin, a good looking very dark-haired guy, and Jeremy, looking much the same with a sloped nosed, to the house. Morgan and Jeremy head off to the pool for some laps. Kevin is there cleaning the pool and the frisky guys soon have him plopped into the water by their sides. The three bob up and down kissing, clearly enjoying their little group. Kevin starts the sucking, doing Jeremy with assist from Morgan. Kevin then does Jeremy, who works on Morgan solo. It''s a lovely chain and the three work hard, particularly Jeremy, who has Morgan''s extra large cock lodged in his mouth. Jeremy fucks Kevin, who now has Morgan down his throat. Jeremy does a fine job, but since this scene is intercut with David''s superlative work in the doctor scene, he''s at a slight disadvantage. Kevin is next to top, plowing away hard at Jeremy. Hard! Kevin then lays poolside to take everyone''s cum.

The knocking never stops at Chez Boiling Point. Two more men show up and clump down to the game room. Evan and Max return from an earlier scene, playing games with the very pale Stephane Dechaigne, tall Matt Berry (who might have a touch of thinning hair). Naturally the game involves stripping and soon the foursome becomes two cuddling couples. Evan and Matt nibble at each other''s necks and chests while Stephane and Max do the same. Gobbling up a storm on Stephane''s very thick cock, almost too big for his whole face, Max does a great job. He gets a good return sucking from Stephane while Evan and Matt ably handle each other. The guys go back and forth, but the sight of Max on Stephane is pretty unbeatable. The four go into chain sucking and everyone pretty much gets a piece of everyone else. Matt''s cock is definitely the favorite, but no one gets left out with this friendly foursome. Stephane and Max go solo sucking on Evan and Matt respectively, because nothing can keep Max away from Matt''s prize! Stephane has Evan on all fours on the foosball table getting rimmed while the lucky ass licked macks with the other two. Max then sits on Matt''s dick (of course) and rides earnestly while Stephane gets fucked by Evan. The two couples go at it on the same couch, the first couple going wild and the other two wrapped up in a very tender sensual world of their own. The tops then stand side-by-side and fuck their bent-over bottoms. The same wild very mild approach applies, which is fun to watch so close together. Each pair has found its groove and sticks to it. Back at the foosball table, Matt gets fucked by Stephane. Now Stephane gathers up some of the energy he only watched a few moments previously and fucks the big-dicked Matt quite nicely. On the other side of the table, little Max is getting whomped by Evan, but neither fuck is too strong that the bottoms can''t keep kissing during their assaults. More switching occurs with Matt fucking Evan and Stephane doing Max. I think that completes the circle, and it comes around again when Max sits and rides on Matt, with Stephane doing Evan again. The bottoms once again become cum rags for all involved.

And things don''t end there. Though nearly everyone has gone twice and the story runs the risk of going into unnecessary overtime, there''s a fiveway to end it all. Morgan returns to face Luc, Mateo, Sebastien and his previous scene partner, Jeremy. A game of pool has a predictable porn ending (the removal of clothing) because these guys can''t keep their hands off each other! Mateo, Sebastien and Jeremy find themselves working together, with Morgan doing the sucking of the others, while Luc and Morgan are paired together. Soon enough, Jeremy is on Sebastien on Mateo, while Luc and Morgan are enjoying each other. Jeremy is happy to rim Mateo as well, with Mateo now obliging Sebastien with a blowjob. The five then come together. Luc sneaks under Mateo to blow him, with Mateo now sucking Morgan now sucking Sebastian. It tumbles endlessly from there. Five guys make for a lot of possibilities and these guys exploit them all. Legs are thrown in the air so asses can be munched and cocks keep sliding down throats. Sebastien starts poking around Jeremy''s ass with two fingers, then three. But, it''s little Morgan who is the first bottom, sitting and riding very speedily on Luc. Jeremy is right behind, taking a manly fuck from Sebastien while sucking Mateo. Sebastien is all nastiness, while Luc is a tad sweeter, but no less deep this his scary big dick. There''s a respite return to oral action before Sebastian and Mateo fuck Jeremy and Morgan, sucking Luc. That doesn''t last long because these guys have waited long enough to cum, and they all do so right on Jeremy and the couch!

DVD features: chapters; gallery; trailers ("Steam, Sex & Sun" and "Sex in Normandy"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

*** Highly Recommended ***

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An Arena Entertainment/Berry Productions DVD.




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