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Sex Invaders (1998)


 Hardcore  Adult Only

Directer:Thor Stephens  

Running time: 90 MINUTES

Country: USA

Language: English
Science, Surreal, Adult

Subtitle: None
Vince Rockland, Chris Rock, Sam Dixon, Adam Rom, Sandy Sloan, Brent Cross, Mark Kroner, Max Grand, Dirk Adams, Brett Ford, Gabriel Rocas

     หนังเกย์ฮาร์ดคอร์สำหรับผู้ใหญ่ แนวไซไฟ เรื่องดังในอดีต เข้าชิง 5 GVG Awards รวมทั้งสาขาวีดีโอยอดเยี่ยม

Nominated for 5 GVG Awards, incl. Best Video of the Year. Get your rocks off with Vince Rockland and Chris Rock in Thor Stephens'' sci-fi special-effects thriller Sex Invaders. It entered their ship, and then entered their crew members one by one... satisfying its appetite for sexual energy. How could it be stopped before it killed the entire crew? Would they survive the Sex Invaders?" We are up there to SERVE and protect... this may be imaginary...but the man-to-man sex is as real as it gets!

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream For More!

Director Thor Stephan''s delightfully fluffy concoction "Sex Invaders" is a sci-fi knock-off full of kooky humor. It''s warped in warped speed, in fact. With a cast headed by the ever-delicious fantasy Vince Rockland, this costume epic is one hell of a good porn show at the same time (when the men look as dreamy in shiny vinyl pants as they do out of them, you know you have something unique).

The year is 2047 and we''re traveling through space on a ship that is a lunatic hodgepodge of set decorations that makes even the original "Star Trek" look expensive. Upside-down trash cans and make-up brushes stand in for futuristic gizmos. The story starts with Dr. Sam Dixon, looking exactly the same as he does nowadays, getting a massage from Sandy Sloan, a twinkish brunet. As they kiss, Sam tells Sandy he was "straight, as they said in the last century," but being on this ship in space along with all the men has a way of turning one to the other side. Tests show, he tells us, that men can suck better dick and the hole is more pleasurable. We need to know all of this because Sam is hoping to convert Brent Cross, who has yet to show any real gay desires. Sam calls Brent to his chambers and meanwhile Sandy gets busy blowing his fat cock. When Brent arrives, looking like a model for a corn field, he admits he''s wanted to "stick his dick in" Sandy for a while. "Nobody is going to see you here in space," is all it takes from Sam for Brent to shove his cock in Sandy''s face. Sandy sucks him as Sam does a plucky rim in Sandy''s butt. Sam then fucks Sandy, who is still blowing Brent, and Sam enjoys himself immensely. He gets real deep in the ass and it goads Sandy onto an even better blowjob. After that, it''s finally Brent''s turn to sample Sandy''s hole as he fucks him missionary, ratcheting up the speed while Sandy blows Sam. Brent''s fuck is very exciting and Sandy cums being fucked, followed by big loads from both tops.

A missing ship has been located, but apparently the crew is dead. This is the ship our main characters were sent to chase. Meanwhile, the crewmembers are horny. "I need a hole, any hole ... especially your hole," Mark Kroner bellows to Brent over the loudspeaker (turns out they have been fooling around, so Brent is no intergalactic virgin after all). Then, there is the cat-fighting between Russian bombshell Adam Rom, who still has the sexiest cleft chin in all of porn, and die-hard American Brett Ford. They trade patriotic insults that were even hoary by the time this was written, but delivered with gusto (and a few made-up English words) by Adam. Captain Chris Rock is perplexed because transmission from this found ship shows a bunch of men running around naked and having fun "with no women!"

A hissing Adam traipses off to lick his wounds from another oral bitch-fight with Brett, when all of a sudden we see an atmospheric pressure fluctuation (in the form of a fun little special effect). It digs into Adam and makes him all horny. He goes after Brett, normally his enemy. "My body became hot ... I need to get fucked ... fucked like a dog," he barks at Brett. Well, what''s a guy to do? So, when Adam tears at him, Brett doesn''t resist and they go at it like animals. Tall shapely Brett has a luscious dick and Adam gives him a generous blowjob, deep-throating all he can. Adam acts the stuffing out of his role as a possessed sex fiend, throwing his gorgeous ass at the camera every chance he gets. After Adam''s energetic blowjob, Brett gets into the action as well, sucking on Adam''s dick with an easy sloshing deep-throat. Adam''s butt has all but stood up and begged for dick, so Brett suits up with a condom and goes hurtling in. Brett has no trouble from this ass, which is wide open and ready for cock inspection. He has a lot of help from Adam, who bobs backwards energetically to skewer himself. After a standing position, where Adam growls so sexily, they move to missionary where Adam can''t help but cum quickly being fucked so well. The being leaves Adam''s body and escapes into the air, with Adam accusing Brett of having taken advantage of him!

Adam sticks to the rape argument, rather than being accused of going "sexually mad," and Captain Chris sends guys in pairs to track it down. That''s convenient, eh? Chris, decked out in shiny gold pants and Vince, in shiny silver ones, are about the hottest two people this side of Pluto''s moons. They find the being, and Vince stuns it, but doesn''t kill it. Will it head down to the ship''s bowels where Marc and Gabriel Rocas are already horny for it? Or, will it end up in the "lower-level control room" where Max Grand, looking as perfect as he ever has, and Dirk Adams are flipping a whole lot of switches to make it seem like they are working hard? Yup, it takes the hardest-working switch-flipper on the ship, Dirk, and turns him into a raving panting sexual beast. Before Max can call attention to the being in Dirk''s body, Dirk is already licking his way down Max''s hairy chest to his dick. Muscular runner''s-bodied Dirk finds his way to Max''s amazing thick dark cock and sucks what he can. Things improve tenfold when Max does the sucking, since his tireless mouth manages Dirk effortlessly. Max takes a second to rim his cute little buddy and then fucks him, as smooth as a hot man in melted butter. Mmmmm. Wait, a hot KNIFE in melted butter, sorry. Max is a pleasure to watch, and his fucking is intense and also toned perfectly to pleasure his bottom. They both cum on a fabulous Atari-like game screen. Sated, the being bolts from Dirk''s body, but the bad news is that it killed Dirk by being in there.

"If we don''t kill it now, we''re all going to end up just like them!" Captain Chris hypothesizes when he hears this news. He then discusses some tests Sam has been running on the particles Vince killed. The alien can only survive for a few moments outside a human body, and a laser beam can kill it. Adam opines quietly that he hopes it will enter Brett so he can "fuck your brains out" in return for his assault. "Will you shut up, Ruskie," Brett snaps.

Oh, the news isn''t good. The being has entered Chris'' body. His hunky flawless muscular body. Vince clamors down to the lower deck, where Marc and Gabriel are still hot and bothered, to find Chris, his clothing torn, tied up in chains howling that he needs "to get fucked hard by all your fucking dicks!" He snarls, he begs, he shows them his ass. Vince cautiously tells them not to move, to which Marc answers that "I''m not moving, but my dick is." Having lost the fight, tall very hairy Marc is grabbed by Chris and blown. Chris, working the possession thing into a whirlwind of a sexual performance, sucks Marc like the madman he is and then turns to Gabriel''s incredibly thick cock (I don''t think his "holy cow" was scripted when he saw it). Two cocks in the picture don''t dampen Chris'' energy, instead doubling it. He is absolutely mad for them, whipping his head back and forth between the two, who are noticeably impressed by how fast and furious he is abusing their dicks. Director Stephans has made us wait until now to see Vince naked, and when Vince strips off his clothing, you can see why. He has the ultimate in porn star perfection, from a hard dimpled ass to a chiseled flawless body. With Marc and Gabriel having so much fun pushing and pulling Chris'' head around, all he can do is join. Chris goes even wilder for Vince''s to-die-for uncut cock. It''s notable that no one else sucks cock here, only the possessed and wonderful Chris. Soon enough, it''s of course time to fuck the being inside Chris, and Marc goes first. He opens him up with a masculine punishing fuck that shows how much Chris can take in his ass. Gabriel goes next, anchoring himself in very deep, with choppy little powerful thrusts, his giant balls hitting under Chris'' ass hard. After a second fuck from Marc, Vince finally gets his turn. His butt-clenching thrusts are the hottest in the whole story, and he slaps away at Chris'' buttcheeks as he fucks him with incredible speed. Maybe he''s the one possessed! Gabriel and Marc go in for more after Vince has attacked Chris, but only for enough time to get some cum-shots from them. Vince and Chris end this thrilling scene with their shots. The being exits Chris (thankfully leaving him alive), and Vince kills it.

However, just when everything seems okay, Sam and Adam find that hundreds of them are about to enter the ship ...

So, the sex is exquisite (especially the turns by Chris Rock and Adam Rom, using the script as a springboard for over-the-top sexual performances) and the story is a hoot. The set is fun, the costumes are fun (and damn sexy) and the acting is fun. Everything rushes by at a clip pace, sustaining its energy throughout -- from the first moment Sam Dixon cracks a wicked smile until the last thrust of Vince Rockland''s clenching ass.

I, for one, would love to see what happened when all those hundreds of sex-craved aliens got on the ship. Intergalactic orgy, anyone?



Sex Invaders is one of those lesser-known, underrated movies that when seen comes as an unexpected surprise. Porn tends to do science fiction very badly. However, director Thor Stevens has made a distinctive mark in the business by producing some sci-fi spoof films that are simultaneously entertaining, and extremely arousing.
Sex Invaders takes place on a starship in the year 2047. It is a clever parody of the Alien films. In this case, the alien is an invisible force that overtakes bodies and controls them. (sort of like anti-depressants)

The unfortunate side effect of this possession is that some of the men literally fuck themselves to death, while others barely survive.

The first scene starts before the alien invasion. Crew member Shady Sloane gets a massage from ship doctor Sam Dixon, and they invite the straight-looking-but-cute Brent Cross to join them. After Cross enters, Sloan divides this bottom skills between the two men. All the guys enthusiastically hammer away, and shoot big money shots. The military-head Sloane shines with his usual bottom skills.

Adam Rom
The alien first possesses Russian crew member Adam Rom, who is a very handsome guy with an ass to die for. Rom throws himself at Brett Ford, who tops him with an energy he''ll never forget. When the alien departs Rom, he awakens and concludes that he was assaulted and raped, an accusation that takes Ford by surprise.

Dirk Adams is possessed next, who throws himself at the hung hispanic Max Grand. The suck and rim each other until Grand gives one of his signature toppings to Adams. After they both come, the alien leaves Adams for dead.

In the final episode, the alien gets into ship captain Chris Rock, who suddenly wants to be gangbanged. Captain Rock summons Vince Rockland, Mark Croner and Gabriel Rocas to fulfill his order. This sexed-up trio packs a lot of meat. Rock services all three men orally, and they all then take turns on Rock''s bottomless saddle. When the alien prepares to leave Rock, Rockland and Croner are prepared. They zap the beast at the correct moment.

A nice story, clever writing, and an obvious air of fun makes this movie enjoyable. Plus, the cast is an enthusiastic group who are great to watch. This is definitely on the better movies that Brent Cross and Adam Rom have done.

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