Sonny Boy (2011)



Directer:Maria Peters Producer:Shooting Star Filmcompany Story:Annejet van der Zijl (novel)   Writter:Maria Peters  Music:Henny Vrienten  Cinematography:Walther van den Ende   Editor:Ot Louw Running time:132 minutes Country:Netherlands Language:Dutch  Genre:Drama   Subtitle: English  Starring:Ricky Koole as Rika van der Lans,
Sergio Hasselbaink as Waldemar Nods, Micha Hulshof as Marcel, Marcel Hensema as Willem,
Gaite Jansen as Bertha, Martijn Lakemeier as Jan, Frits Lambrechts as Sam,
Raymond Spannet as landlord, Joy Wielkens as Hilda






Nederlands Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2011 Nominated Golden Calf Best Actress (Beste Actrice)
Ricky Koole
Best Cinematography (Beste Camera)
Walther van den Ende
Best Music (Beste Muziek)
Henny Vrienten
Stony Brook Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2011 Won Festival Grand Prize Maria Peters

Sonny Boy is a 2011 Dutch film directed by Mary Peters, after the book of Annejet van der Zijl, based on a true story. The film was produced by Shooting Star Filmcompany. The film has been selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards.

In the year 1920, a young man from Suriname named Waldemar Nods goes to the Netherlands to study. His dark skin will watch and discrimination. He came to The Hague on lodgings at Rika, who went to live separately from her deeply religious husband William after she discovered him cheating with the maid Jans. She has all four of their children (William, John, Bertha and Henk) included.

Waldemar and the 17 year older Rika start a relationship and she becomes pregnant. She says nothing and goes to Waldemar for a woman to an illegal abortion, but changes his mind. When she was four months pregnant she tells that Waldemar. This is angry that she had been told nothing this time, and leaves. Wim and Jan walk away, to William. Waldemar comes back. William comes to Rika by to tell him a job in Indonesia is presented, and suggests her to go. He will accept the baby as his own child. He changes his mind and that the father has dark skin. It also demands through the courts Bertha and Hank, with success. He refuses a divorce so that Rika can not remarry with Waldemar. The child is a boy, they call him Waldy, nicknamed Sonny Boy. Because of Rika''s extramarital affair, and then also with a Surinamese, says the landlord rent. Rika and Waldemar roam the streets with Waldy, but the older Jewish man meet Sam, she is home. With financial support from Sam and Waldemar Rika start a guest house in Scheveningen. Netherlands is occupied by the Germans. Rika and Waldemar are forced to give shelter to German soldiers. Over time, however, have Rika and Waldemar Road because the area is cleared for the Atlantic.

Rika because she gives up five children gives them a big new house allotted. At the request of a young resistance fighter Rika let people into hiding. Because the fee is higher than for Dutch Jews she chooses. Later there will be a deserter from SS. First Waldy not informed, but later. Waldy get along with the ex-SS man. Waldy sees that Sam is away on the street, and is shocked. It is discovered hiding, and Waldemar, Rika, Waldy and hiding are arrested. Waldy is released and goes to live with relatives. This is not safe, because the Germans want to Waldemar and Rika during interrogations put pressure Waldy re-arrest. He is therefore placed with a farmer. He asks in the hunger winter of people who come precious jewelry in exchange for some food. Waldy approve that, but the farmer replies that everyone is trying to ride a piece, Rika and Waldemar were also paid for hiding.

Rika dies in a concentration camp. Waldemar is also transferred to a concentration camp, but its language, he may work in the mailroom. Thus he sees opportunity to send letters to Waldy clandestinely. After Hitler''s death he is deported to the ship Cap Arcona. This is attacked by the Allies. He jumps into the sea and swim to shore (he can swim well in Suriname he swam long distances in the river), then he is still slain by two German child soldiers.






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