Crazed Fruit (1956)



Directer:Kō Nakahira (as Yasushi Nakahira) Producer:Takiko Mizunoe  Writter:Shintaro Ishihara  Music:Masaru Satō, Tōru Takemitsu  Cinematography:Shigeyoshi Mine

Running time:86 min   Country:Japan   Language:Japanese  Genre:Drama   

Subtitle: English Starring: Masahiko Tsugawa ... Takishima Haruji
Yûjirô Ishihara ... Takishima Natsuhisa
Mie Kitahara ... Eri






Crazed Fruit (狂った果実, Kurutta kajitsu?), also known as Juvenile Jungle, is a 1956 Japanese Sun Tribe film directed by Kō Nakahira. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Shintaro Ishihara, the older brother of Yujiro Ishihara.[2]

Bored rich kids. Natsuhisa, 20, constantly teases his brother Haruji, 16, about girls. They arrive by train for a summer at the beach; at the station, Haruji spots a young woman and can think of nothing else for the next few days. When they cross paths again - she''s Eri - Haru invites her to a party at the house of a friend whose parents are divorced. They start a slow courtship. Then, Natsuhisa discovers Eri''s secret; instead of it ending everything, Natsuhisa initiates a triangle by seeking the favors of his younger brother''s girl. Haru is unaware of this betrayal. What will happen when he finds out?

François Truffaut was so taken with the film that he recommended it to the Cinematheque; this was the first Japanese film awarded that honor.

User Reviews
Japanese version of the Beatniks
13 September 2005 | by Celluloid_Rehab (lelnu@yahoo.com) (Hell''s Kitchen, NYC) – See all my reviews
I was curious about this movie when I first heard about it, but I was not sure what to expect. Thankfully this movie is a bag of chips, with dip and beer.

The movie revolves around the exploits of well to do Japanese teenagers (possibly early 20''s), in post WWII Japan. We mostly follow around two brothers, Natsuhisa and Haruji. They go off to the coast where they hang out with friends, water ski, swim, sail, drink, smoke, go clubbing, get into fights and play a game where they try to pick up as many women as possible. They don''t have any responsibility and mostly just lie around, complaining about how there''s nothing interesting to do. Just like in the Beatniks they are out looking for thrills.

The conflict in the movie arises from Haruji (the younger brother). Out of the group, Haruji is the youngest and most naive. He meets a beautiful girl, Eri and brings her to one of their parties. She catches the eye of Haruji''s older and more "experienced" brother, Natsuhisa. Thus the triangular conflict is set and ready to go.

The movie is quite graphic, considering this movie was made in 1956. In the same way the Beatniks (and other similar period movies) depicted disenchanted and "sinful" teenagers in the US, Crazed Fruit does the same for Japan.

The final scene of the movie is a classic, worthwhile and carnal. I highly recommend this movie.