Vase de Noces (1974)



Directer:Thierry Zéno   Producer:Thierry Zéno  Writter:Dominique Garny,

John Kupferschmidt, Thierry Zéno   Music:Alain Pierre   Cinematography:Thierry Zéno   Editor:Thierry Zéno   Running time:80 min   Country:Belgium   Language:None  Genre:Horror | Romance   Subtitle: don''t need translate
Dominique Garny ... Farmer




An art-house black and white film without dialogue. It''s about a man who lives alone on a farm with his pigs. He falls in love with his sow, has offscreen sex with her, and later she gives birth to human/porcine hybrids.


The film has a very incoherent plot structure, and is difficult to describe chronologically due to several strange and often random scenes interwoven into the overall story. Such displays consist of the farmer fastening doll heads to pigeons, cutting off the head of a chicken, and collecting strange materials in jars.

A farmer, who may be the last person on Earth, lives on a rural farm in Belgium, and falls in love with his huge sow. After bonding with her in several strange ways, such as rolling in manure with her, he finally decides to consummate the relationship as a result of which the sow gives birth to piglets, whom the farmer immediately tries to bond with. He tries to feed them all, but they all try to leave to be with their mother. Jealous, the farmer hangs all of them. When she discovers that her children are dead, the sow runs away in grief and falls into a mud pit, where she drowns.

The farmer begins to look for his love, and when he finds her, he becomes overcome in sadness. He drags the sow out of the hole and buries her back at the farm, and subsequently tries burying himself along with her. When this fails, he decides that his life is also over, and begins destroying every important aspect of his life, including the strange jars that he collects throughout the film. After his breakdown, he oddly begins making tea out of his feces and urine, which he consumes wholeheartedly, and immediately becomes sick. Finally, he hangs himself off a ladder, which is the last image of the film.