The Child I Never Was (2002)



Directer:Kai S. Pieck   Producer:Andrea Hanke, Bettina Scheuren  Story:Jürgen Bartsch statements and letters, Paul Moor book "Jürgen Bartsch: Opfer und Täter" Writter:Kai S. Pieck   Music: Kurt Dahlke, Rainer J.G. Uhl  Cinematography:Egon Werdin  Editor:Ingo Ehrlich  

Running time:83 min   Country:Germany   Language:German  Genre:Biography, Crime, Drama   Subtitle: English Starring:Tobias Schenke ... Jürgen Bartsch, Older,
Sebastian Urzendowsky ... Jürgen Bartsch, Younger, Ulrike Bliefert ... Gertrud Bartsch,
Walter Gontermann ... Gerhard Bartsch, Jürgen Christoph Kamcke ... Father Seidlitz ,
Sebastian Rüger ... Young Deacon ,Stephan Szasz ... Young Priest ,

Roland Riebeling ... Chaplain Herles





ҧ:2 wins & 1 nomination

German Camera Award
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2003 Won German Camera Award - Outstanding Editing Feature Film (Spielfilm)
Ingo Ehrlich
Nominated German Camera Award Feature Film (Spielfilm)
Egon Werdin
San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2003 Won Best First Feature Kai S. Pieck


Fictionalized account of Jürgen Bartsch, a German boy who became notorious in the 1960''s after his conviction for the serial killings and sexual molestation of a number of young German boys. Told partly as recreation and partly as taped confession.


This fictionalized (based on true events) account of teen murderer/necrophile, Jurgen Bartsch, places him at roughly fifteen years of age and shows how lured slightly younger boys into secluded areas, killed them, then sexually gratified himself with their dead bodies. Intertwined throughout are interviews with the older, incarcerated Bartsch. A unique, non-exploitive look at an interesting topic. Recommended to those who don''t mind it a bit disturbing.

Note: the interview segments are in Black and White; the rest of the film is in color



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