City of Men (2007) + CDŧСͺ



Directer:Paulo Morelli   Producer:Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel Berlinck, Fernando Meirelles, Paulo Morelli   Story:Paulo Morelli, Elena Soarez  Writter:Elena Soarez  Music:Antonio Pinto   Cinematography:Adriano Goldman  Editor:Daniel Rezende  Running time:106 min   Country:Brazil   Language:Portuguese  Genre:Drama Crime  Subtitle: English
Douglas Silva ... Acerola , Darlan Cunha ... Laranjinha,

Jonathan Haagensen ... Madrugadão, Rodrigo dos Santos ... Heraldo
Camila Monteiro ... Cris, Naima Silva ... Camila,

Eduardo ''BR'' Piranha ... Nefasto (as Eduardo BR),

Luciano Vidigal ... Fiel, Pedro Henrique ... Caju





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ش!! City of Men (2007)

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City of Men Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
 By Antonio Pinto


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ҧ:5 nominations

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2008 Nominated Cinema Brazil Grand Prize Best Special Effects (Melhores Efeitos Especiais)
Andre Waller
Prêmio Contigo Cinema, Brazil
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2008 Nominated Jury Award Best Cinematography (Melhor Fotografia)
Adriano Goldman
Best Motion Picture (Melhor Filme)
Prêmio Qualidade, Brazil
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2007 Nominated Prêmio Qualidade Best Director (Melhor Diretor)
Paulo Morelli
Best Film (Melhor Filme)


 Best buddies Acerola and Laranjinha, about to turn 18, discover things about their missing fathers'' pasts which will shatter their solid friendship, in the middle of a war between rival drug gangs from Rio''s favelas.

In the slum in Morro da Sinuca, a couple of days before turning eighteen year-old, Laranjinha tells his best friend and also orphan Acerola that he misses his unknown father. Acerola decides to help his needy friend to find his father and they discover that he is in prison convicted for killing a man during a robbery and near to be released on parole. Meanwhile, Acerola''s wife and babysitter Cris is invited to work in São Paulo and she sees the chance to raise money to buy a house of her own; she tells Acerola that he must take care of their son Clayton alone for one year. When the owner of the hill and Laranjinha''s cousin Madrugadão is betrayed by his right-hand Nefasto, he is expelled from the slum and Laranjinha and Acerola have also to leave the hill. While Madrugadão plots a plan to invade and recover the hill with the support of the gang of the drug lord from Morro do Careca, Acerola and Laranjinha unravel the past of their fathers.



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Fernando Meirelles зҹ


City of God (2002)
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