Skaeve dage i Thy (1971) ()




Directer:Kjeld Ammundsen, Finn Broby, Dino Raymond Hansen,Teit Jørgensen, Gregers Nielsen, Ebbe Preisler Producer:Ebbe Preisler Writter:Kjeld Ammundsen, Finn Broby,

Dino Raymond Hansen,Teit Jørgensen, Gregers Nielsen, Ebbe Preisler Music:Kim Larsen   Cinematography:Dino Raymond Hansen,Teit Jørgensen, Gregers Nielsen   

Editor:Christian Hartkopp Running time:91 min   Country:Denmark  Language:Danish Genre: Documentary Music  Subtitle: English
Franz Beckerlee ... Himself - Gasolin, Kajs Camping ... Themselves,
Leo Jespersgård ... Himself, Wili Jönsson ... Himself - Gasolin, Kim Larsen ... Himself - Gasolin,
Jens G. Nielsen ... Himself - Gnags, Peter A.G. Nielsen ... Himself - Gnags,

No Name ... Themselves, Balalajka Ole ... Himself, Henning Prins ... Himself,
Jacob Riis-Olsen ... Himself - Gnags, Alrunes Rod ... Themselves, Blue Sun ... Themselves,
Ewald Thomsen ... Himself, Bjørn Uglebjerg ... Himself - Gasolin,
Leif Varmark ... Speaker (voice), Søren Berlev ... Himself - Audience member (uncredited)



Documentary about the construction of Thy Lejren in 1970 - an alternative summer camp. Features concerts by bands such as Gasolin'' and Gnags.

During the summer of 1970 the association ''The New Society'' created a summer camp on a barren field somewhere in Denmark. More than 7000 people visited the camp in the course of 3 months. The goal was to explore alternative lifestyles and new ways of coexisting and ultimately an attempt at creating a better model for the society. In the wake of Thy Summer Camp a multitude of lifestyle experiments followed: Christiania, Project House and various small communities all around the country. Denmark was forever changed.

High In Thy is a testament to beat music loving communists on acid, and is completely in accordance with the spirit of the project. This movie is the result of a collective team effort, an improvised drug induced psychosis, or simply put: ''far out''! More than just a historic artifact, High In Thy offers a younger audience a peephole to back when things were simpler and much, much more dirty. Basically it''s one absurdity piled on top of another. But if that doesn''t do it for you, there are plenty of tits and dicks and lots of excerpts from the fantastic concerts at the camp. This is the Danish Woodstock film to end all Danish Woodstock films.