Eleve libre (2008)



Directer:Joachim Lafosse Producer:Jacques-Henri Bronckart

Writter:Joachim Lafosse, François Pirot  Cinematography:Hichame Alaouie  

Editor:Sophie Vercruysse Running time:105 min Country:Belgium, France  Language:French Genre:Drama   Subtitle: English Starring:Jonas Bloquet ... Jonas, Jonathan Zaccaï ... Pierre,
Claire Bodson ... Nathalie, Yannick Renier ... Didier, Pauline Etienne ... Delphine,
Anne Coesens ... Pascale, Johan Leysen ... Serge




An aspiring tennis player is taken under the wing of an established player as his family life falls apart.

Jonas (Jonas Bloquet), a sixteen year old aspiring tennis pro neglects his education in hopes of volleying his way straight to Wimbledon, but finds his ambitions sidelined when his relationship with his tutor takes a decidedly personal turn. Jonas has just failed his exams, but who needs an education when you''re a world famous athlete. Unfortunately Jonas hasn''t achieved that level of fame just yet, though he''s convinced that he''s well on his way. When thirty year old Pierre offers to tutor Jonas and the cocky young athlete turns his back on school entirely, the boundaries of their relationship become increasingly blurred.

Perversion is in the Eye of the Beholder
25 June 2010 | by ynoel-2 (Spain)
It is said (and I have noted to be true) that people see in other people, in works of Art etc. or anything subjective, what THEY actually are. They project their own being, or shortcomings or fears or hidden secrets. That the author of the review below attack this sensitive film is such a disproportionately virulent (and plainly erroneous) way has said much more about him as a person than he probably intended to express. And to call a 17 year-old a ''child'' (and who is in his full legal right to consent to any relationship he wishes to pursue, protected by the law itself) is so absurd as to suggest the author had a North American education. To see rape, to see perverted seduction in what is most obviously all but that, would be an alarm calm for anyone reading his review on this subtle film. What is sure is that with such a serious imbalance within him to feel the need to explode in this way, I would make sure no one below 18 walk near him. We have many recent examples of those who shouted far above the rest, and ended up being caught with their pants down, and I don''t mean figuratively. His review reads like an open book of serious personal issues, as yet unresolved, and if his review serves any purpose it would be to help him seek assistance. More to do with the film now; it is of course slow and bleak like many European films, but like many European films dare to recount real life, real subtleties, real complexities of relationships that much cinema avoids - and that many like the author mentioned above would like to push so deep into (their subconscious) perversion as to ...create a perversion in itself, quite aside from the what the filmmaker made. It somehow makes them feel they have crushed their demon for a while - little to do with a review.