Tréfa (2009)








Doubt and discipline run headlong into one another in this period drama from Hungarian director Peter Gardos. It''s 1912, war looms on the horizon, and Father Zoltan (Lorand Vata), a priest who is one of the masters at a boy''s boarding school, is struggling with doubt as he questions his faith. Zoltan is also edgy as he waits to learn if his brother, who was a passenger on the Titanic, died during the ship''s disastrous maiden voyage. Zoltan is dealing with an especially troublesome group of new students, many of whom have become fond of playing practical jokes on one another as well as the staff, with misfit classmate Szebeni (Marci Kiss) receiving more than his share of abuse. Father Weigl (Tamas Lengyel) is a new member of the faculty who has been hired to teach physical education; Weigl is a stern taskmaster who tolerates no disrespect from the boys, and when he decides that the mischief at the school has gone to far, he deals with his charges with an iron hand. However, Weigl''s determination to punish the youngsters goes to far, with disturbing consequences.