The Japanese Wife Next Door

(Uncut Version)(2004)







I was tempted to drop this one a point for the fogging, but then decided, that as this was, in the main, unnecessary, but included to make the action look more ''real'', I can only applaud even more. Where was I ? Ah, yes, reviewing the most extraordinary ''pink'' by the prolific and very likable. Yutaka Ikejima. This is a real tour de force with some truly jaw dropping action. The leading lady, who the director quite rightly, commends both for her astonishing performance, as she works her way, sexually, through a whole extended family, and for her very large breasts. This is sexy, with an enormous amount of sexual activity, funny, with some hilarious moments, and knowingly reflective of Japanese life and its outside influences. Apparently shot very cheaply and very quickly, this is, nevertheless, a very accomplished work, even getting away with some dialogue spoken to camera.

Official selection of NY Asian film festival 2009. A businessman’s life is almost complete; all he needs is a wife. He meets two prospective women… But ends up marrying the one who’s a secret nympho! Unable to satisfy her lust, the new wife seduces the rest of his family — including the businessman’s sister and grandpa!


An office worker (Takashi Ichinose played by Naohiro Hirakawa) has the dream life. He meets two beautiful ladies at a party, both of whom seem interested in him. He ends up leaving with Sakura (played by buxom Reiko Yamaguchi). One wild night of passion followed by six months and they find themselves married and living with Takashi''s family (father, grandfather, sister) in the same apartment.

The ideal situation soon takes a turn for the worse as Sakura''s nymphomaniac sex drive coupled with the paper thin walls of Japanese housing, and the eventual inability of newly wed husband Takashi to keep (it) up with his wife leads to tension, drama, and of course, lots of sex in the household. All of the in-laws get in on the act. Takashi eventually runs into the lady he left behind at the party and they have a sensual fling. But he goes back to his fate, looking for a divorce. In the final scene, his family practically gang rapes him as he is forced to ''enjoy'' his family''s newfound lust for life.

Wow, where to begin. They sure can pack a lot of sex in an hour. This pinku is pretty much all about the sex. No weird torture or psycho drama. It''s pretty straightforward. The sex scenes are largely played for laughs with the exception of the first one between the two main leads, and the forbidden tryst between Takashi and the jilted Ryoko - that one probably has the most passion of them all. The actresses playing Ryoko and Sakura are very attractive. The sister didn''t really do much for me. It was a little unsettling to watch grandpa getting it on with Sakura but it''s easily overlooked once Sakura takes her top off.

It''s a fun movie, played mostly tongue in cheek (and in other parts) and as an entertaining, light, and very sexy romp.





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