Fogi is a Bastard (1998)








ҧ:2 wins & 1 nomination

Locarno International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1998 Won Youth Jury Award Second Prize: New Cinema
Marcel Gisler
Nominated Golden Leopard Marcel Gisler
Swiss Film Prize
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1999 Won Swiss Film Prize Best Film (Bester Spielfilm)
Marcel Gisler


A 15 year old boy (Beni) falls in love with Fögi, a singer in a Rock band. As Fögi seduces him, he is only willing to follow him where ever Fögi wants to. But Fögi is a drug addict and pulls Beni deeper and deeper into the hell of drug addiction.

Take a turbulent ride through two young men''s exciting but troubled relationship in this amazing drama. Clean-cut 16-year-old Beni is a Zurich high school student just itching for an alternative life. He follows the rock band "The Minks" around and falls madly in love with Fogi, the dangerously attractive and quite gay lead singer. With looks suggesting a thuggish Keanu Reeves, the 26-year-old Fogi surprisingly takes to the cute, but coltish youth. He hires him as a roadie and the two begin a wild sexual attraction that hardens into love and devotion for Beni but wears off for the soon bored Fogi. The early sex scenes are tender and highly erotic, among the most sensual we''ve seen in a gay film. Beni, a willing victim for his first love, is emotionally eaten alive by his slavish devotion, lust and eventually servitude to the increasingly indifferent Fogi. The two stay together but their relationship soon sinks into alienation, drug addiction and self-destruction. Sexual abuse soon follows as Fogi plays SM games with Beni and eventually forces him into prostitution to finance his heroin habit. The teen must soon decide to venture into the dark inevitability with his love or jump off. This chronicle of the life span of a gay relationship is quite complex: for it captures the romantic, boldly explicit, unflinchingly honest details of two men inextricably intertwined to each other. Excellent original music and songs from The Velvet Underground and Patti Smith. From the director of The Blue Hour (1992). (In French with English subtitles)