Puppetry of the Penis: Live at the Forum

(Special Version) (2001)





Puppetry of the Penis: Live at the Forum




Tackle Happy


Just in case there are people out there who don''t know what Puppetry of the P**** actually is, I''ll give a brief explanation of the concept.

Two naked men share the stage with a large video screen. The action consists of these two men stretching, twisting, and squeezing their genitals to form the illusion of different objects. Objects like The Loch Ness Monster, The Eiffel Tower, The Windsurfer and of course, the famous Hamburger. These various acts are called p**** installations or...dick tricks. The use of the video screen is to provide the action in close up for the audience, which consists of a very balanced gender mix.

Puppetry of the P**** was formed by Simon Morley and David Friend, and debuted on stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 1998. That was followed by an eight month national tour, the subject of the documentary Tackle Happy which is mentioned in the extras section of this review.

After the show''s huge initial success in Australia, Simon and David took the show to the 2000 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. After sell-out shows there, it was spotted by a London producer, who booked the show. It subsequently played for five months on London''s West End.

Puppetry of the P**** is now a hugely successful stage show worldwide, playing in many countries and with many different performers doing the shows in their respective languages. The show may one day rank alongside Vegemite and Fosters as an instantly recognisable Australian export.

The performance presented on this DVD was recorded live at Melbourne''s Forum Theatre in 2001. It opens with some brief vox pops with audience members, as to what they are expecting from the show. We then go into the Forum and become an audience member, as there are no cut away interviews or other distractions. It''s basically as you would see it in the theatre, with some timely audience reactions thrown in.






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