Bluebeard (2009)







In the 1950s, Catherine (Marilou Lopes-Benites) toys with her older sister, Marie-Anne (Lola Giovannetti) by reading her the story of Bluebeard which scares Catherine. As Catherine rereads the story, the film moves to 1697, as Lord Bluebeard (Dominique Thomas) prepares to make Marie-Catherine (Lola Créton) his seventh wife. Bluebeard plans to murder Catherine as he has to his previous wives. Due to Marie-Catherine''s youth and innocence, Bluebeard decides to wait in order to savor his pleasure claiming her life. Bluebeard becomes caught in a cycle of events that keep him from murdering his wife which leads the two to slowly become a normal couple while Marie-Catherine begins to plan the murder of Bluebeard.


The Bluebeard fairy tale gets a wry, comical twist. Catherine, a child in rural France, loves to frighten her older sister Marie-Anne by reading the story of Bluebeard, the ogre who lived in a medieval castle where women entered and never returned. But Catherine soon lives the life of the same fairy tale when she becomes Princess Marie-Catherine and Bluebeard’s latest wife. When the ogre goes away on business, he leaves his new bride a set of keys with the instruction that she can open any doors she likes in the castle, except one. Of course, Catherine opens it.



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Catherine Breillat (ǹ˭õԡ)


A Real Young Girl (1976)
() ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat ͹餧͡ѹҹͧ˹ѧҧ͹ ͧǢͧǷѺͧȢͧͧ ҡ˭ԧẺ ͧ ͡͹ԧŻй 555
Romance (1999)
() ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat ʴ: Caroline Ducey :õԡ, ѭҵ: France ...˹ѧç Catherine Breillat ˧ 仴ͧ ١ẹ» ˹555 ..÷: +18

Fat Girl (2001)
()ӡѺ:Catherine Breillat ˹ѧҷ͹ҧǧ ֧Ҵ㹺ҧѰ᤹Ҵẹ˹ѧͧ ҧáӡѺöҧ Manfred SalzgeberҡԹ㹻 2001




Brief Crossing (2001)
() ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat ˹ 16 ѧԭѺ˭ԧҪǽҡ ͢ҡ˹觤׹ èе ѳ Ҥ ͧáѹ ҧ˹ ˭ èФ



Sex Is Comedy (2002)
() ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat ͧ㹡ͧ˹ѧõԡͧ˹觷ӡѺ˭ԧͧѺҡӺҡ㹡ö·өҡͧ ͡йҧ͡ ੾еͧ¡Ѻ㨢ͧǾ͡ դѹ繡ꡡѺǼӡѺͧ
(ѧ) ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat ˹ѧҧҡóҧԴҡش֧ͧ ӡҧҹŻѺ ѹҨ˹ѧشšѺ˹ѧx ҨӡѴͧҹǡѹ õ+18
Une Vieille Maitresse (2007)
(ѧ) Directer:Catherine Breillat ١ҪԧҧŻͧ ҡͧҹ 2007 ֧Ҵ : ӡѺ˭ԧ˹ѧͧͧ ..ꧧ ҡӡѺ˭ԧشᵡ թҡ ͧͩç!!