Tokugawa Sex Ban : Lustful Lord (1972)





Tokugawa Sex Ban is an easy going pink comedy with only a few more violent moments. These include the most absurd suicide scene you’ve ever seen. Suzuki’s camerawork and use of music is also guaranteed to deliver enjoyable moments of complete confusion.

Another extraordinary work from Norifumi Suzuki, clearly one of the most underrated directors of all time. Nobody but nobody combines the erotic and the dramatic with such skill and style. A lavish Toei production with a cast of hundreds, it is the delightful story of a poor, lustful man who swaps places with a studious shogun and gets to feast on all the girl flesh (concubines) he desires. Complications ensue because the fake shogun slowly but gradually embraces his ill-gotten seat of power, a progression that flies in the face of the kingdom''s greedy power players. As much a feast for the senses as for the mind, this erotic adventure is rendered by Suzuki and co-writer Kakefuda Masahiro ("Horrors of Malformed Men") with love, passion, and respect for the subject. It is so invigorating to watch a film that does not view sex (and the making of Sex Cinema) with derision and condescension. Many famous faces turn up here, one of the most welcome being the gorgeous Miki Sugimoto (of "Zero Woman - Red Handcuffs" fame). Truly a work of erotic art, it is also fun, funny, and impeccably imagined.