Mentiras y gordas

(Sex, Party and Lies)(2009)







A group of young people preparing for a summer of their lives, full of secrets, lies, sex, a lot of confusion and evening parties. They do not know that once they start this journey of discovery, they can not go back because the lies that are told are too large and that the meaning of love can also suffer.

Revolving around this group of young people, some gay, some straight or bi, some (most) into drugs and a few not, this is a fascinating glimpse into modern Spanish youth culture, a country whose youth, indeed everyone, was oppressed by dictatorship within living memory. A attractive cast of good lookers completes the ensemble, with an attempt made at a cautionary message at the end. Most of the film concentrates on the good times, however and how these hunky lads and glamorous señoritas get it on together.