Le Souffle (2001)





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Acteurs à l''Écran
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2002 Won Prix Michel Simon Best Actor
Pierre-Louis Bonnetblanc
Bratislava International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2001 Won Special Jury Prize Damien Odoul
Tied with Dog Days (2001).
Nominated Grand Prix Damien Odoul
Venice Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2001 Won Cinema of the Present - Special Jury Award Damien Odoul
FIPRESCI Prize Parallel Sections
Damien Odoul
For his magical creation of a cinematographic universe..




David, a 15-year old city boy, spends his summer holiday on his uncle’s farm in the Limousin region of France. He passes the time doing chores, listening to music on his personal headphones and relieving himself in the fields. His uncle attempts to integrate David into his way of life and invites him to a barbecue, attended by the local farm workers. In a drunken stupor, David absconds from the drinking binge and meets up with one of the few friends he has made. In a moment of madness, David shoots his friend in the back...

David is a teenager like any other. His world is filled with loud music, imaginary encounters with centre-folds, and heroic fights on make-believe battlefields. With his mother away and his father nowhere to be found, David id forced to stay on his uncle''s farm, where life lacks the excitement he craves.

But the monotony of county living is about to be broken as his uncle and a collection of his friends get together for an afternoon of excessive eating and drinking, to which David is invited. Later that evening, David goes to meet a friend in the woods. Here, the effects of his drink-fuelled initiation and the frustration he feels, generally find a brutal and horrifying outlet that will change his life forever...