A Child in the Crowd (1976)





"Un Infant Dans La Foule" is arguably the great lost masterpiece of the French seventies ;it was nominated at Festival De Cannes but it was a commercial failure. Since Pialat''s "L''Enfance Nue" (1968), nobody had made a so brutally honest movie.
Blain,obsessed with personal pain, made a complete artistic statement of great courage and even candor.
It tells about a teenager''s rejection by the community during the days of the German occupation. Dry-eyed,it tells of a mother who can''t hear his boy knocking on her door,of painful growing-up. We follow the boy as he helps the Resistant fighters just to make his mum love him. We see him wandering the streets where he is the only one to take pity on a "Femme Tondue" (closely-cropped hair women, that was the populace did to women who slept with the enemy) as the allies come near Paris.
Is the boy gay or does he have affairs with men because he can provide his family with food? It''s impossible to answer in that context. We are beyond any moral and the boy''s need for love is so intense he''s looking for someone all along the movie. There is no hint at homosexuality, no risqué scene, all is suggested with an incredible sense of decency.