Guardami (1999)



Directer:Davide Ferrario  Producer: Alessandro Giachetti, Giuseppe Perugia

Writter:Davide Ferrario  Music:Giorgio Canali   Cinematography:Giovanni Cavallini  
Editor:Claudio Cormio   Running time:95 min  Country:Italy  Language:Italian 
Genre:Biography, Drama
Elisabetta Cavallotti ... Nina
Stefania Orsola Garello ... Cristiana
Flavio Insinna ... Flavio
Gianluca Gobbi ... Dario

                    Ҿ¹Ե¹ͩǷش觻ͧ˹ ҧҡͧԧ 繪ǻѵ ͧ Moana Pozzi Nina ҹѡʹѧ ªԵä ˹ѧԹ仴©ҡҧ ͧ仾ѹ

Nina is a young and very independent porno actress. She doesn''t need the help of any agent or manager. She has a daughter and a lesbian relationship with Cristiana, a porno editor. Following a usual medical check she discovers she has a cancer. Her life is completely different now. Nina decides to visit her father. Also the real love finds now space in her heart. In fact at the hospital, she knows Flavio, a patient following her same therapies. Nevertheless their liaison Nina still continues to act in porn movies. But for one of them there won''t be a future.

When Guardami was shown at the Venice Film Festival it was sabled down by most critics because of the explicit scenes. But this is a very good, even sweet movie based upon the life of Moana Pozzi, the Italian pornstar who died of cancer. The part is portrayed in an astonishing, daring way by Italian mainstream actress Elisabetta Cavallotti, who never acted in sexy movies before Guardami. She even started out as a Shakespeare actress in many stage plays. The way she portrays Nina shows a lot of courage. The movie shows the relationship between the pornstar and a regular guy, who is also a cancer patient. It''s such a pity the critics aim only at the few sex scenes, because this is a quality movie. The best mainstream movie about the porn industry is of course Boogie Nights, but this one might come in second place....



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