Brief Crossing (2001)



ӡѺ: Catherine Breillat
ҧ: Jean-Pierre Guérin
¹: Catherine Breillat

Sarah Pratt ... Alice
Gilles Guillain ... Thomas
Marc Filipi ... Magicien
Laëtitia Lopez ... Assistante magicien
: Patrick Chevalier, D''Julz, Marc Filipi
Ҿ: Eric Gautier
Ѵ: Pascale Chavance
: 80 min
: France
: French | English

: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Subtitle: English / Thai

˹ѧ ջѪ ѹд..Ҥ´ ˹ѧͧӡѺ˭ԧ Catherine Breillat ӡѺͧ romance ,fat girls.........

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.... ͧ թҡʺѴ Ẻ romance fat gril ѡԨó к͡ ˹ѧº Ҵ¡ ͧҡ ..

Desire for a subject that functions like a brief fling with no future as such, yet embellished by that very fact. Because something fleeting and futureless is not necessarrily pathetic or trivial. A brief crossing, perhaps an initiatory trip. Filming a guy''s "first time", filming him like a girl. Gut level skin deep... Nostalgia for vast ocean liners, for places "beyond the law" where you can venture outside of life, safe within an interlude. Describing a passion while respecting classical tragedy''s unity of time and place, setting the stage for the eternal play of Masculine/Feminine. A hot-blooded Latin temperatment versus an apparently cool English one. A ship - one night - Sudden intimacy between an Englishwoman whose complexion is frosted by bitterness and a teenager whose gaze glows like ardent coals.


Geneva Cinéma Tout Ecran
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2001 Won Best Actress Sarah Pratt
Luchon International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2002 Won Grand Prize French Fiction Catherine Breillat
Tied with P''tits Lucas, Les (2002) (TV).
Venice Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2001 Won Elvira Notari Prize - Special Mention Catherine Breillat