Skin. Like. Sun. (2009)
(պʹ บรรยาย)

Director:Jennifer Lyon Bell, Murielle Scherre Producer:Jennifer Lyon Bell, Murielle Scherre Music by:Damien Done Cinematography:Jennifer Lyon Bell, Murielle Scherre  Edited by:Jennifer Lyon Bell, Murielle Scherre Running time:54min 

Country:Belgium Language:Flemish Genre:Documentary  Subtitle:English  Starring:Wim van Damme, Floor Wyns  

    Ҿ¹õԡ 鹤ԧ ا ҢͧҾ¹ͧѴ͡§Ѻҷ·Өԧ ҧ ӡѺʹҡ the Feminist Porn Award

Erotic realism with more than a touch of high art

Sweet naturedharkening back to that same youthful innocence and curiosity so crucial to the French New Wave.
Slant Magazine

We all know what sex looks like. Many movies have tried to capture the magic, but most can only bring home the tricks. This movie allows you to participate where others leave you the unsatisfied peeping tom. It dares to share the slowness. In a unique twist, this film is edited in nearly real-time. As real-life couple Wim and Floor spend an afternoon in the sunwashed rooms of an old house in Belgium, the camera simply follows. In the slowness, we get the build, the sweetness, and the sexiness. Forget about fingersnapping fast editing. Slow is where it''s at. This film was conceived as a feminist collaboration between erotic film director Jennifer Lyon Bell and artist/DJ/author/lingerie-designer Murielle Scherre, aka La Fille D''O. They created it for the feminist Stout(st)e Dromen Festival in Antwerp, Belgium.


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We are extremely proud that Skin. Like. Sun/Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit is the winner of the Feminist Porn Award prize for Best Direction. 

Winner Best Direction at Feminist Porn Awards

The judges analysis:

Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit is an homage to real, explicit love shot in real-time. Starring a young Belgian couple, the film tries to capture what sex feels like, rather than looks like. Shot with the female characters perspective in mind, and choosing to leave in the kissing, banter, and foreplay alongside the more traditional hot elements, Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit is a decidedly unusual

and touching

approach to cinematic sex.


Other accolades for Skin. Like. Sun./Des Jours:

  • Official Selection Porn FilmFestival Berlin 2010

  • Official Selection IXFF San Francisco Indie Erotic Film Festival 2010

  • Official Selection CineKink NYC Film Festival 2010

  • Official Selection Mexico City Feminist Porn Festival 2012

  • Official Selection Stoutste Dromen Festival, Antwerp Belgium 2009



    User Reviews
    A film that captures the sweet and sexy slowness of sex

    15 November 2012 | by Anne G.Sabo
    Skin. Like. Sun. (2009; original title is Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit) is Jennifer Lyon Bell''s third film, which she collaborated on with Murielle Scherre. Filmed in near real time, Skin. Like. Sun. is an art hous''y sex film that lingers on the sweet and sexy slowness of sex. Stylistically, the film combines the strength of each filmmaker: the cinematic realism and fine eye for close-ups with texture of Jennifer and the indie rhythm and esthetics of D.J. and lingerie designer Murielle.

    The film follows a real-life couple spending an afternoon having sex in the sun-washed rooms of an empty old house (the couple is also featured in Murielle''s documentary styled shorts on her first porn film collection J''fais du porno et j''aime ça). Far from porny looking, the woman and man are attractive in their indie, tattooed, subtly sexy and emotionally naked way. And their mutual affection and chemistry emanate from the picture.

    Originally the filmmakers'' idea was to capture how sex looks like from her perspective, but in the end they realized that would detract from also capturing what she feels. And the film well captures his deeply felt adore for her in his eyes and caresses.

    At about 55 minutes in length, the film is unique too for its focus on foreplay. It also captures that dizzying bubble of pleasure as the intensity soars and the couple lose themselves to the moment.

    Skin. Like. Sun. was made upon invitation by the Belgian feminist festival Stout(ste) Dromen (Your wild(est) dreams) in Antwerp where it premiered in October 2009. The film had its international premiere during CineKink NYC in February 2010. Included as extra material on the DVD are interviews with the filmmakers and the performers sharing their views on feminism and what makes Skin. Like. Sun. a feminist film, in particular in how it captures mutual love and respect, and in how it focuses on her experience and what real unscripted sex is like for her, and for him. (The couple make sure to point out that it''s not like their sex is always this slow and sweet; that they sometimes like it rough too! But that sweetness fit "the vibe of the moment" in a beautiful and relaxed sunlit space.) Skin. Like. Sun. is a unique viewing experience; it won the award for Best Direction at the Feminist Porn Awards (2010).