Red Shoe Diaries : Four on the Floor (1994)

Running time:87 min Country:USA Language:English Genre:Drama, Romance  Subtitle:English,  


Four on the Floor

Director:Rafael Eisenman Producer:Gaspard de Chavagnac Screenplay by:Joëlle Bentolila  Music by:George S. Clinton Cinematography:Manuel Teran  Edited by:Curtis Edge, Joe Shugart Starring:Christopher Atkins, Jsu Garcia ... Miguel,
Dominique Abel
, Rachel Palmieri, David Duchovny ... Jake Winters


Emily''s Dance

Director:Zalman King Producer:Rafael Eisenman Screenplay by:Richard Baskin  Music by:George S. Clinton

Cinematography:Marco Mazzei  Edited by:James Gavin Bedford, Michael Schultz Starring: Freedom Williams ... Lead Dancer,
Mari Morrow ... Toni Reed
, Kent King ... Emily, David Duchovny ... Jake Winters, Zalman King ... Director,

Ashley Lowengrub ... Assistant Director, A.C. Ciulla ... Choreographer, Alexandra Styron ... Tampa, Lisa Boyle ... Dancer,
Kelly Cooper ... Dancer
, Alison Cramer ... Dancer, Wylie Draper ... Dancer, Chris Dupre ... Dancer, Neisha Folkes-LeMelle ... Dancer,
Nadine Grycan ... Dancer
, Paige Harman ... Dancer, Rosero McCoy ... Dancer, Steve Messina ... Dancer, CCourtney Miller ... Dancer,
Elise Neal ... Dancer
, Travis Payne ... Dancer, Stevi Van Meter ... Dancer, Paula Venice ... Dancer


The Psychiatrist

Director:David Womark Producer:Gaspard de Chavagnac Screenplay by:Nelly Alard   Music by:George S. Clinton  Cinematography:Étienne Fauduet Edited by:Curtis Edge, Marc Grossman Starring:Denise Crosby ... The Psychiatrist,
Georges Corraface ... The Man,
Demetra Hampton ... Linda, David Duchovny ... Jake Winters, Natasha Cashman ... Madame Duflot,
Paco Reconti ... Young Man,
Manoëlle Gaillard ... Woman on Train, Laurent Le Doyen ... Man on Train, Richard Magaldi ... Barman


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Four on the Floor
A car crash in a rainstorm stranded in the middle of nowhere. One bed, two couples, a lot of awkward tension, heated discussion, intrigue, attraction and passion... The ingredients for a night they''ll never forget.

Emily''s Dance
Emily is elated and terrified when she is chosen to be the lead dancer in a hot new video, the pressure builds when she meets the beautiful star of her video. She panics until he finds a way to bring Emily out of her shell and into the spotlight.

The Psychiatrist
Evelyn is a psychiatrist with an interesting patient who tells of her strange sexual encounters with men. Evelyn isn''t sure the stories are real but her fascination takes her on an actual journey into the depths of her own sexual desire.