Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl (1981)

Director:Takashi Kanno Producer:Yoshio Murai Story by:Takashi Ishii (manga) Screenplay by:Chiho Katsura

Music by:Hachiro Kai Cinematography:Nobumasa Mizuno''o Film Edited by:Akimasa Kawashima  Running time:63 min 

Country:Japan Language:Japanese Genre:Drama, Romance  Subtitle:English  Starring: Kumiko Hayano ... Mako,

Junko Mabuki ... Nami Akioka, Yoshiko Sasaki ... Yoshie Hata, Takuya Hiramitsu ... Kôichi Hikita,

Toshiyuki Kitami ... Kimura, Ryoichi Kusanagi ... Kawamoto

ͧǢͧҧҾõԡ ѺҧẺ֡ѺդѺ״

After a young woman is viciously assaulted in an abandoned factory building, her attacker runs off, leaving a roll of money. Several years pass, and a photographer who specializes in shooting "schoolgirl panty" photos for the adult entertainment industry meets a sexy but mysterious woman who asks to be his next model. He doesn''t know that she has a dark secret, and he may soon find out more about it than he would want to know.


(ԡٻʹٻ˭ ʡ͡պ١ʹٻ) 

User Reviews

Rape revenge and a sex filled Japanese feast!

21 May 2013 | by Danny Blankenship (Petersburg, Virginia)
Just once again explored some more of the Japan erotic cinema and I must say that the Asian people once again don''t disappoint when it comes to a skin flick. This title "Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl" is once again a Japan erotic masterpiece from the Nikkatsu collection. The tale involves a sexual mystery set in the world of the pages of adult magazines. Starting many years ago with a Japanese woman who was brutally attacked in an old factory, with her attacker escaping leaving behind a trail of money. Connecting up with the present many years later an adult photographer who''s snapshots of underwear pictures meets a mystery female who''s a model in disguise. This encounter will reveal a hidden mystery. Overall good Japanese erotic film that pushes the limits showing the violent and mind numbing side of sex this is one film you will remember.