Caligula''s Hot Nights (1977)

Director:Roberto Bianchi Montero  Story by:Piero Regnoli Screenplay by:Piero Regnoli, Roberto Bianchi Montero  

Music by:Carlo Savina  Cinematography:Gino Santini   Edited by:Cesare Bianchini Running time:88 min 

Country:Italy Language:Italian Genre:Comedy, Adult  Subtitle:English  Starring:Carlo Colombo ... Caligola,

Gastone Pescucci ... Tiberio, Patrizia Webley ... Livia, Enzo Monteduro ... Cassio, Silvio Noto ... Silvius Notus,
Cinzia Romanazzi ... Lesbia lover
, Fernando Cerulli ... Kerea, Armando Marra ... Servino

    In augusta, Rome of the Caesars the emperor Caligula has a serious problem: it must show your manhood "coram populo" on the occasion of the feast of Priapus. But the Imperial young man is powerless and threatens a fool in front of the people who have come in droves. To defend their dignity will not have to undergo in the care of professor Barnardus in whose clinic goes to flee. Despite being chased by a myriad of inefficient conspirators, the distinguished clinician manages to save the honor of Caligula and happiness of immortal Rome.

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