White Mane (1953)

Director:Albert Lamorisse Producer:Albert Lamorisse Story by:Denys Colomb de Daunant Screenplay by:Albert Lamorisse  

Music by:Maurice Leroux Cinematography:Edmond Séchan  Edited by:Georges Alépée Running time:47 minutes Country:France 

Language: French Genre:Drama, Family  Subtitle:English  Starring: Alain Emery as Folco, the boy, Pierre Bestieux,
Denys Colomb de Daunant
, Alain Colomb Daunant, Charles Fouhetty, Jean-Pierre Grenie as Narrator (French language),
Charles Guillaume
, Pascal Lamorisse, Pierre Moureaux-Nery, Francois Perie, Laurent Roche,
Frank Silvera as Narrator (English language)
, Les Marshak as Narrator (English language)

     White Mane (French: Crin-Blanc and Crin Blanc, Cheval Sauvage) is a 1953 short film directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse. The forty-seven-minute short, filmed on location in the marshes of Camargue, France, won numerous awards on its release, including the Short Film Palme d''Or Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The film also became popular with children and was marketed for them. The story tells a fable of how a young boy tames a wild white stallion called White Mane.
     In the south of France, in a vast plain region called the Camargue, lives White Mane, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses too proud to let themselves be broken by humans. Only Folco, a young fisherman, manages to tame him. A strong friendship grows between the boy and the horse, as the two go looking for the freedom that the world of men wont allow them. Long unavailable in the U.S., this extraordinarily shot wonder from Albert Lamorisse, the director of The Red Balloon, is a work of technical sophistication and immense natural beauty.

Disc Features:
New, restored high-definition digital transfer
New English narration spoken by Peter Strauss
Theatrical trailer
New and improved English subtitle translation

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BAFTA Awards 1954

BAFTA Film Award
Best Documentary Film

Cannes Film Festival 1953

Grand Prize of the Festival
Best Short Film
Albert Lamorisse 

Prix Jean Vigo 1953

Prix Jean Vigo
Short Film
Albert Lamorisse