Love on a Horse (1973)

Director:Vangelis Serdaris  Producer:Grigoris Dimitropoulos Story by:George Zervoulakos Screenplay by:Vangelis Serdaris  

Music by:Gerasimos Lavranos Cinematography:Aris Stavrou   Edited by:Vasilis Syropoulos Running time:97 min 

Country:Greece Language:Greek | English Genre:Drama, Romance  Subtitle:English 

Starring:Anna Fonsou ... Julia , Christo Spyropoulos ... Larry, Giannis Argyris ... Alexis, Kostas Karagiorgis

    A son and his stepmother, without noticing their father/husband peeping at them, make love on a horse. The father, while being a painter, gets inspired and begins a new painting that creates tension between them.

    An Egean artist sees his younger wife and his son (from a previous marriage) making incestuous love, decides to paint such a beautiful scene on a canvas, especially with them riding her white stallion. The lovers can’t know what the strange arrangements mean, and are afraid the painter suspects their relationship. When they try to leave the house, the painter’s madness explodes, and Greek tragedy settles on the family.