Summer in the Country (1980)

Director:Roberto Girometti (Bob Ghisais), Gérard Loubeau Story by:Manlio Capoano Screenplay by:Manlio Capoano, Lillo Capoano  Music by:Roberto Pregadio Cinematography:Roberto Girometti, François Migeat, Jean-Jacques Renon 

Edited by:Mauro Bonanni, Gilbert Kikoïne  Running time:61min Country:Italy, France Language:Italian

Genre:Comedy, Drama, Adult   Subtitle:English  Starring:Enzo Garinei ... Luca''s Father, Daniela Giordano ... Luca''s Mother,
Julia Perrin ... Fanny
, Gil Lagardère ... Luca (as Fawzi Devaux), Jane Baker ... Martha, Brigitte Lahaie ... Simona,
Lidie Ferdics ... Gina
, Aldo Ralli ... Fanny''s Father (as Aldo Materazzi), Annie Carol Edel ... Fanny''s Mother,
Guy Bérardant ... Simona''s Lover (as Guy Berardon)
, Piotr Stanislas ... Gina''s Lover



A rich family residing in a French villa treats their two hot maids like garbage. The maids decide to seduce the young son Luca who''s home for the holidays and point him towards cousin Fanny who''s in the middle of being sexually awakened.

User Reviews
by jaquaman
This is the rarest of rare films. What could have easily been trash porn was instead lifted in the hands of a director and writer with ideals into an erotic masterpiece. At last - or perhaps I should say "at last I''ve found..." since this film came out long long ago - a film that combines sex with substance. Those seeking hardcore will be just as pleased here as those more inclined to appreciate movies for their plots. Remarkably sensitive performances, especially that of Daniela Giordano, bring out the script''s latent tenderness. A hearty recommendation, and a request: if you know of anything even remotely similar to this picture, let us know!