Dream Boy (2008)

Director:James Bolton Producer:James Bolton, Herb Hamsher Story by:Based on Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley

Screenplay by:James Bolton  Music by:Richard Buckner Cinematography:Sarah Levy  Edited by:Annette Davey, Chris Houghton Running time:88 min Country:United States Language:English Genre:Drama, Romance  Subtitle:English 

Starring: Stephan Bender as Nathan Davies, Maximillian Roeg as Roy, Randy Wayne as Burke, one of Roy''s best friends,
Owen Beckman as Randy, one of Roy''s best friends
, Thomas Jay Ryan as Harland Davies, Nathan''s abusive father
Diana Scarwid as Vivian Davies, Nathan''s mother
, Rooney Mara as Evelyn, Roy''s girlfriend, Rickie Lee Jones as Roy''s mother






L.A. Outfest 2008

Grand Jury Award

Outstanding Screenwriting
James Bolton (writer) 
Mettray Reformatory Pictures 


Shy and withdrawn, Nathan (played by Stephan Bender) is new to his school, unusually smart (a grade ahead) and the silent tension at home nearly unbearable. Mom, Dad, and Nathan have moved constantly, town after town, landing, inexplicably, in god-fearing "St. Francesville". Roy (played by the multi-talented Max Roeg), a year older than Nathan, confident and hard-working, drives the bus to their school while a friendship blooms between them into a relationship that is fraught with confusion and yearning. But secrets pick at the relationship, the unspoken rules of their angst-driven interactions unravel as Nathan''s world again comes crashing inwards. Tension crescendos as shame and terror, stress and disaster all compete to immobilize and destroy both of their worlds.

Dream Boy is a 2008 gay-themed romantic drama film written and directed by James Bolton and based on Jim Grimsley''s 1995 novel of the same name about two gay teenagers who fall in love in the rural South during the late 1970s.

Powerful and underrated film
16 February 2010 | by Figaro14 (Chicago)
I began watching the film with mild interest and very quickly was drawn into the quiet intensity of the film. One must avoid any discussion of specific plot elements, which would ultimately spoil the experience of the film. It is NOT as some have called it, a "Brokeback Mountain" about teenagers. It is different. It is unique. It is beautiful photographed, sensitively told and atmospheric. I was especially impressed with the performances of Stephan Bender as Nathan and Max Roeg as Roy. While I had no idea what the exact outcome of the film would be, there is a "foreboding" that overshadows the entire story; You get clues along the way that "something is wrong." But the final 20 minutes or so will probably really surprise you. There is much more going on here that can be easily summarized in a user review or with a catch line that describes the plot''s formula. I think it''s the type of film that will provoke a great deal of discussion and it deserved to be released on DVD.