I Am Happiness on Earth (2014)

Director:Julián Hernández  Producer:Roberto Fiesco  Screenplay by:Julián Hernández, Ulises Pérez Music by:Arturo Villela Cinematography:Alejandro Cantú Edited by:Emiliano Arenales Osorio, Adriana Martínez  Running time:122 min 

Country:Mexico Language:Spanish Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Hugo Catalán ... Emiliano, Arenales Osorio,
Gabino Rodríguez
, Andrea Portal, Emilio von Sternerfels ... Jazen, Iván Álvarez, Rocío Reyes, Gerardo Del Razo ... Jonas,
Gloria Contreras
, Aladino R. Blanca, Alan Ramírez ... Octavio, Sergio Anselmo, Juan Carlos Carrasco,
Hugo Espinosa
, Diana Lein, Javier Oliván, Giovanna Zacarías, Emmanuel Ávalos





ŧСͺҾ¹: Canción De Vuelta ͧ Vetusta Morla

ŧСͺҾ¹: Canción De Vuelta ͧ Vetusta Morla




Chéries-Chéris 2014

Grand Prize Chéries-Chéris
Feature Film
Julián Hernández 


Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, mixing the objective reality with the processes of the artistic creation. The story he is filming flounders with his daily life, until his world is trapped in the lens of his camera. Confused, always alone and in front of a screen, now become a transfigured reality, but at the same time a measurable, controllable and manipulable one, he listens in loop to a song: one of those songs you sing or repeat as a prayer and forcing you to remember, believe and convince yourself.

User Reviews

Beautifully Presented

20 March 2015 | by Suradit (Thailand)
This is probably one of the most beautifully photographed movies I''ve seen. The use of light, shadow, focus, position and movement of the camera my technical knowledge and vocabulary limit what I can say about it, but it is stunning and sensual. A successful photographic exhibition could be mounted using stills from the movie. It is very much a visual presentation and almost exclusively focused on the actors although there are some well designed sets.

The film is designated as a drama but it might be better described as a dance production. There is only a little of what might be termed dance in the conventional, common sense, but the movement & interaction of the very graceful & attractive actors could easily be called ballet-like. Although several of the actors apparently have little previous experience in film, their performances are excellent. The directing, which might be called choreography, was equally impressive.

At one point one of the characters speaks of a movie he and some friends saw. He loved it and his friends hated it. It was, he said, an "art house" production with no dialogue and it was very long. The same could easily be said of the unfortunately titled." I Am Happiness On Earth." It is 2 hours long and there is little dialogue although there were some scenes with background narration that reminded me of the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

I can see why some people would be turned off by the pace and style. If you want a plot that progresses from A to B, fast- paced action and engaging dialogue, this is not the movie to watch. But if you can enjoy "art house" films, you really should watch this, at least once.