The Fruit Is Ripe (1977)

Director:Sigi Rothemund Producer:Karl Spiehs Screenplay by:Christian Dura (dialogue), Patrizia Piccardi  Music by:Gerhard Heinz Cinematography:Heinz Hölscher  Edited by:Mimi Werkmann, Eva Zeyn Running time:95 min  Country:West Germany 

Language:German Genre:Comedy, Romance  Subtitle:English  Starring:Betty Vergès ... Patricia, Claus Richt ... Tom,
Olivia Pascal ... Amanda
, Wolf Goldan ... Bernd, Walter Kraus ... Mueller, Karl Heinz Maslo ... Ulf, Corinne Brodbeck,
Sabi Dorr ... Peter
, Eric Wedekind ... Max


    ѹҾ¹õԡдѺӹҹҡ ѹ 觴ѧ价šؤ

In this sex comedy, a good-looking German girl goes on vacation in Greece, and a large number of people try to get her to go to bed with them. With a light, teasing manner, she turns all of them down, until at last she meets a boy she really likes.



This movie reminded me alot of Summer Lovers''. This girl is on her quest to find out about life and love. It is fun to tag along. This girl is truely beautiful. You''ll find yourself admiring her at times and then scorning her as she does the stupid things in life we do.
Fun movie, beautiful landscapes.

1970''s free love soft core. Total of two naked girls - ah maybe three. Like them small and perky, sweet, this is a good one. Shrubbery is under control, but still shrubbery - dude remember this is the 70''s. Oh, there''s one naked guy - ''oh that''s a small one, let''s see what I can do giggle giggle giggle - oh that''s a big one now.'' But no in and out shown, no close ups, no real kitty cats either.

Gotta go sound off on this one. She''s a real bee atch that wants to just do what she wants to do.

Oh the story, yeah there''s sort of a story. Mom and Dad are rich, send chicky daughter to Munich for the summer. She gets all crazy at the airport with a couple that are saying good bye. She hands over her ticket to the dude so the couple can love each other. So cool, so cool, so 70''s no security.

Leaves the airport and gets picked up by a hubby saying good bye to his wife, she''s off to someplace, but no ticket for him to go (so he can jo at home all week). No this guy is a dirty dog and wants perky breasted chicky for himself. She strips down at his pool, he gets all 70''s with his moves. She just wants to boink him, he wants to be cool. Wifey shows up - she missed her plane - and she rats him out.

Now she''s on her carefree summer of love with all kinds of guys she picks up. Mostly she messes with the guys. Until she meets mister handsome, he''s got a big one, I wanna be with him guy. But he doesn''t want her. So she goes off with a free loving couple that try a threesome with her. She''s not into it, just wants big one guy. Oh sorry, she sees little one guy in the bathtub before that and makes him big one guy too.

Yeah, get it, the story is pretty useless. She''s thin. She has nice perky ones. A really nice butt. And she''s kind of cute. All in, maybe 20 minutes of her body for viewing. Not bad.

If you don''t like shrubbery and bee atches and small perky ones - well go someplace else, this is a crummy film for that. Just wish she didn''t have all the attitude, it would be good other wise.