The Seduction of Inga (1971)

Director:Joseph W. Sarno Producer:Vernon P. Becker Screenplay by:Joseph W. Sarno Music by:Benny Andersson,

Peter Himmelstrand, Björn Ulvaeus, Sven-Olof Walldoff Cinematography: Max Wilén  Edited by:Ingemar Ejve Running time:97 min 

Country:Sweden,USA Language:English Genre:Drama  Subtitle:none  Starring: Marie Liljedahl ... Inga, Tommy Blom ... Rolf,

Lennart Lindberg ... Stig, Harriet Eires ... Marienne, Inger Sundh ... Greta, Lennart Norbäck ... Lothar, Lissi Alandh ... Anne,

Lasse Svensson ... Lennart, Göran Lagerberg ... Tom, Maria Wersäll ... Mette, Jeanette Swensson ... Susanne, Liliane Malmquist ... Louise

    ˹ѧҤͧ͢ Inga (1968) Ҿ¹õԡ觴ѧҡഹ Фǹ˹ѧ

The Seduction of Inga is Joseph Sarno''s sizzling and controversial sequel to his 1967 erotic masterpiece, Inga, starring the young, voluptuous Swedish sensation Marie Liljedahl in her steamiest role ever.


After her boyfriend leaves her alone and penniless, Inga can only long for the love of another man devoted to satisfying her body and soul. Rolf, a young pop singer and musician, tries his best to seduce her, but she ultimately falls for Stig - a dashing older man and writer. Stig owns a beautiful villa, and Inga gladly becomes his personal secretary - and lover. When business takes Stig away, Inga''s loneliness and unfulfilled sensual desires lead her straight into the arms and bed of Rolf. Inga''s life is further complicated by the arrival of the young and beautiful Greta Tillstrom who admits to an on-going affair with Stig and professes a blossoming attraction for Inga herself. As passions surge and forbidden lust is embraced, Inga will be forced to confront a shocking secret and reconcile an aching heart with a tireless young body that can''t say no.


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