Diary of Beloved Wife : Smoke Gets In Your Eye (2006)

Director:Tôru Kamei Story by:Kiyoshi Shigematsu  Screenplay by:Naoto Yoshida  Running time:70 min Country:Japan Language:Japanese Genre:Drama Subtitle:English Starring:Fujiko, Hôka Kinoshita, Taijirô Tamura


     ѹǧ ˭ԧǤ˹ѧԴѺʹյ¹ ͤ駷Ͷ١褹˹觺ѧѺٺ (ش! зѹͧҹ!! 555) 㹢зբͧѡç¹Ѹ...???

     Ҿ¹ͧ Smoke Gets In Your Eye ˹㹤硪ѹ Diary of Beloved Wife

They taste great, because they taste like you do down there! No other cigarette tastes that great! Chiho has prohibited her husband, Takahashi, from smoking while she is trying to become pregnant. Takahashi hasn''t told his wife he was laid off, and has a paid sexual encounter with a high-school student, attracted by the pungent odor of her cigarettes, Peace Regulars. That evening, Chiho became outraged by the foul odor of the Peace Regulars saying it reminded her of an elderly relative having shoved the same brand of cigarettes into her genitals in the distant past. In fact that memory was not Chihos, but that of her twin sister, Kaho.