Lap Dance (2014)

 Director:Greg Carter Producer:Michael Becker, Gordon Bijelonic, Datari Turner Story by:Greg Carter Screenplay by:Greg Carter  Cinematography:Chase Bowman  Edited by:Corey Grant Running time:100 min Country:USA Language:English Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Stacey Dash ... Dr. Annie Jones, Briana Evigan ... Tasha, Carmen Electra ... Lexus,
Ali Cobrin ... Monica
, James Remar ... Patrick Moore, Nia Peeples ... Kelly, Omari Hardwick ... Dr. Don Cook,
Kenny Wormald ... Ray
, Robert Hoffman ... Kevin Shepherd, Mariel Hemingway ... Aunt Billie





(ԡٻʹٻ˭ ʡ͡պ١ʹٻ) 






An aspiring actress makes a pact with her fiancé to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer stricken father. Once the pact the couple made is broken, their lives are changed forever. Based on the true story of director Greg Carter and his girlfriend prior to their moving to Los Angeles in 2005.

A mostly realistic take on strippers and the pitfalls of the profession
10 December 2014 | by chrismackey1972 (United States)
First of all, why the heck is IMDb giving Briana Evigan, Carmen Electra and Stacey Dash billing over Ali Cobrin? Ali is the star of this movie, followed by Robert Hoffman. Dash is virtually not in it. Maybe she appeared in such a tiny role as a favor to a friend. Evigan and Electra are in it a tad bit more, but not a whole lot.

Anyway, after getting the billing problem out of the way, I''d have to say many parts of this movie are very realistic, such as why Monica decides to take up dancing. I''ve talked to quite a few dancers some years ago when I was writing a book, and one of my characters was sort of like them. The girls I talked to told me how they started dancing for the most noble of reasons; helping family members with hospital bills, keeping their kids fed and off the streets, etc. "I''ll dance for a month until the bills are paid." That month tends to become two and then a year. Many of those girls finally decide to start "tricking" and they get into drugs, and their lives spiral out of control. The movie was also realistic about the deep pitfalls many of those girls go through in their relationships with husbands/boyfriends as their insistence on making more and more money becomes the main priority for them. Without giving away spoilers, I''ll say that the ending was not as realistic as the rest of the movie.

The acting was good. Ali Cobrin did a great job in her role. Robert Hoffman was good as her husband, as were the supporting players. The storyline - except for the ending - was believable. I began watching this movie expecting to hate it. I thought it was going to basically be a skin flick with no story. It wasn''t, not at all. There is some nudity in it, but not much. Ali Cobrin is completely naked on the bed with a guy, but they go to great lengths not to show anything besides her naked profile and back (no butt in that scene). In another scene, she gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom completely naked showing her butt. In the strip club, some other girls show their breasts. If you''re looking for nudity like in Showgirls, forget it.

I gave this a 7-star rating, because - as I said earlier - it''s a mostly realistic take on strippers and the pitfalls of that profession. I thought they should have put a bit more grittiness into the film, and the ending could''ve been done better, but no film''s perfect. This was not a film I wanted to see, but it surprised me.