Malabimba (1979)

Director:Andrea Bianchi Producer:Gabriele Crisanti Screenplay by:Piero Regnoli (as Andrew White)

Music by:Elsio Mancuso, Berto Pisano  Cinematography:Franco Villa Running time:98 min Country:Italy Language:Italian Genre:Adult, Horror Subtitle:English  Starring: Katell Laennec ... Bimba Caroli, Patrizia Webley ... Nais,

Enzo Fisichella ... Andrea Caroli, Giuseppe Marrocco ... Adolfo Caroli (as Giuseppe Marrocu), Elisa Mainardi ... The Medium,
Giancarlo Del Duca ... Giorgio
, Pupita Lea Scuderoni ... Bimba''s Grandmother (as Pupita Lea),
Mariangela Giordano ... Sister Sofia (as Maria Angela Giordan)



Bimba''s mother has just been murdered mysteriously and the family is holding a seance to contact her spirit. As soon as the mystic finds her spirit things go crazy.

Bimba and the Devil

by andrabem (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Malabimba is not just a sleazy film. The film has more depth than people give it credit for. It is one of the more notorious "Exorcist" rip-offs (and the best of them in my opinion). This is of course a matter of taste. I''ve seen some of them:

"The Antichrist" (cinematographically speaking is the more traditional of the lot and therefore the easiest to please the majority, but being an Italian film (even if tame for Italian standards) it crosses boundaries that Hollywood would never dare to trespass (the goat scene). It''s a film that in spite of being exploitative follows the "Exorcist" recipe more closely and with more seriousness.

Special Features:
- 13 Deleted Scenes
- Integral Version - Watch the feature with deleted scenes incorporated back into the movie
- Malabimba Uncovered - Interviews with Actress Mariangela Giordano and Cinematographer Franco Villa
- Theatrical Trailer