Wetlands (2013)

Director:David Wnendt Producer:Peter Rommel Story: Based on Wetlands by Charlotte Roche

Screenplay by:David Wnendt, Claus Falkenberg  Music by:Enis Rotthoff Cinematography:Jakub Bejnarowicz  

Edited by:Andreas Wodraschke Running time:109 minutes Country:Germany Language:German Genre:Comedy, Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring:Carla Juri as Helen Memel, Christoph Letkowski as Robin, Marlen Kruse as Corinna,
Meret Becker as Helen''s mother
, Axel Milberg as Helen''s father, Edgar Selge as Dr. Notz, Peri Baumeister as Schwester Valerie








Bambi Awards 2013

Best Actress - National
Carla Juri 

German Film Awards 2014

Film Award in Gold
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Beste darstellerische Leistung - Weibliche Hauptrolle)
Carla Juri 
Best Editing (Bester Schnitt)
Andreas Wodraschke 

Locarno International Film Festival 2013

Golden Leopard
David Wnendt 

Sundance Film Festival 2014

Grand Jury Prize
World Cinema - Dramatic
David Wnendt 


Wetlands (2013)

Wetlands (German: Feuchtgebiete) is a 2013 German drama film and directed by David Wnendt. It is also a gross out film. It is based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Charlotte Roche. The film premiered in International competition at the 2013 Locarno International Film Festival on August 11, 2013.

The film later premiered in-competition in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition at 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2014.[6] After its premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Strand Releasing acquired the US distribution right of the film.

18-year old Helen likes to use vegetables for masturbation and believes that body hygiene is considered as too important in our society. She provokes others by saying and doing things most people would not even dare to imagine.

Helen''s parents are divorced and she wishes desperately that they come back together. But her mother is depressive, hygiene-obsessed and mentally unstable, and her father is a very insensitive man who seems not to take notice of what people around him think and feel.

Helen often seems to be very alone and feels unloved in the world. Only her best friend Corinna makes her feel more comfortable and together with her, she breaks many taboos of society.

By shaving her anal hair too fast, she cuts herself badly and needs to go to hospital. There she plans to get her parents back together and charms her handsome nurse Robin, who is still suffering from a relationship with another nurse working in the hospital which is already over for two years. That woman does not get along at all with Helen, is still stuck on Robin, and makes Helen''s life in the hospital more difficult. But Helen and Robin fall in love with each other during Helen''s stay in the hospital.

During the movie one learns more and more that the reason for Helen''s behaviour is a very traumatic experience she had when she was eight years old. At the end of the movie, she reflects this trauma by saying that she finally talked to her little brother and that this was the hardest talk she ever had: still being a child, she found her mother trying to kill herself and Helen''s little brother using the gas from the oven.