Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

Director:Virginie Despentes  Producer:Gérard Lacroix, Gérard Pont Music by:Varou Jan  

Cinematography:Valérie Bardin, Jérôme Rageys Edited by:Véronique Rosa Running time:85 min Country:France 

Language: English Genre:Documentary   Subtitle:English  Starring:Norma Jean Almodovar, Maria Beatty, Lynn Breedlove,
Catherine Breillat,
Siobhan Brooks, Coralie, Sondra Goodwin, Del La Grace Volcano, Carol Leigh, Maria Llopis, Lydia Lunch,

Sophie Malnatti, Post Op, Beatriz Preciado, Carol Queen, B. Ruby Rich, Quimera Rosa, Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle,
Jackie Strano,
Michelle Tea, Betony Vernon, Linda Williams, Madison Young, Itziar Ziga



äշٴ֧Էʵ С͡͹Ƿҧͧͧsex workers ˹ѧСͺ仴ºɳؤŵҧҡ ҷ ӡѺ˭ԧõԡ Catherine Breillat ѡʴ˹ѧʹյ Annie Sprinkle ʹʴѺ˭ͧ ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ

Mutantes sheds light on a feminism that was little talked about in France. This documentary comprises of a series of interviews conducted in the USA, Paris and Barcelona, and documents from the archives about the political action of sex workers, queer activists and post-pornographic performances.

Special Features:
- Interviews with Catherine Breillat, Lydia Lunch, Annie Sprinkle

- Performances: Victch Marzouk, Lazlo Pearlman, Piernas Lungas, Pelea de Perras
- Trailer


     A documentary exploring the pro-sex movement over the past three decades through interviews with activists, sex workers and performers alongside archive footage of actions and excerpts from feminist pornography. The pro-sex feminist movement began in the United States in the 1980s. Among other things it asserts that pornography must be taken outside of patriarchal control, and that in the hands of women and sexual minorities it can become a tool of liberation. Despentes (Baise Moi) takes a wide ranging look at the movement, conducting interviews with key figures in the USA, France and Spain, and mapping the evolution of pro-sex, or post-porn, from its pioneers like Annie Sprinkle to newer European work like Emilie Jouvets Too Much Pussy! Thought provoking and explicit, Mutantes is part of a very queer feminist revolution.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

Virginie Despentes debut documentary, the winner of the Campaign for Homosexual Equalitys Derek Oyston Film Award 2011, focuses on the punk porn feminism movement. Mutantes examines its origins in 1980s America, its gathering momentum, evolution, and eventual transportation overseas to Europe. Unlike other feminist movements, which see pornography as exploitative and demeaning, punk porn feminism sees sex and porno as tools of liberation, where women choose and control how to express themselves sexually, believing that this embodies an epitome of feminism. It covers subjects such as the campaign to legalise prostitution in the USA, feminist S&M pornography, transgender erotica, and queer activism, to name only a few.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

The documentary is made up of around twenty interviews with artists, activists and provocateurs from within the movement both past and present, as well as footage from performances and productions they have developed.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

The movement itself is nothing short of radical, and Despentes documentary wonderfully captures this. Its opening tosses the audience into the deep end with a highly experimental, dark, and twisted porno from one of the groups involved, but this yields to carefree energy, biting wit, intrigue and powerful ideologies.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

The documentary does a good job of clearly explaining the ideals of the movement and introduces them at an interesting and engaging angle. Despentes choice of artists, personalities, and footage do an excellent job of creating a sense of character for this a radical and diverse collective. It is expertly put together, giving glimpses of the erotic, the absurd and the intelligent, but never letting any of them run away with themselves. It doesnt shy away from the extreme, though, and there are definitely some moments that many viewers will no doubt find a little uncomfortable.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

As the film drifts across the different factions within the movement, it does sometimes veer off onto small tangents, but Despentes does a good job of piloting the documentarys direction as far as possible. The films only major weakness is that it starts to loose pace towards the end. The canny humour and shameless enthusiasm of personalities such as Annie Sprinkles and Scarlot Harlot makes the film incredibly endearing from its outset. However, this slowly ebbs away to be replaced by the high-intellectualism and aggressive activism of the modern day Queer campaigns in Europe. While these movements are relevant and important to the overarching agenda, their severity does remove some of the films initial charm.

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)

But all in all, this documentary is a keenly constructed piece of food for thought, and captures the very personable passions and driven ideals of all those individuals involved. Engaging, shocking, funny, and enlightening, this is a groundbreaking work for anyone with an interest in gender politics or feminism.

- So So Gay

Mutantes Feminisme Porno Punk (2009)