Cyanure (2013)

Director:Séverine Cornamusaz Producer:Xavier Grin Screenplay by:Séverine Cornamusaz, Marcel Beaulieu  Music by:Luc Sicard  Cinematography:Carlo Varini Edited by:Daniel Gibel Running time:103 min Country:Canada, Switzerland Language:French Genre:Drama, Romance   Subtitle:English  Starring:Alexandre Etzlinger ... Achille, Roy Dupuis ... Joe, Sabine Timoteo ... Pénélope,
Christophe Sermet ... Alexis
, Ludivine Geschworner ... Mathilde, Thierry Jorand ... Patron de Joe, Isabelle Caillat ... Policière 1



     A young hopeful teenager is waiting for his unknown and fantasized father to come out of prison. His family dream life is seriously undermined by an exhausted mother and a man who, after so many years in jail, has become unable to be a responsible father.

     Thirteen-year-old Achille waits full of hope for his father to be released from prison. A father whom he has never known and whom he has always imagined in his fantasy. His dream of a life as a threesome, a real family, is put to the test: on the one hand, by his mother who is tired of waiting and, on the other hand, by his inadequate father who has lost all sense of responsibility after so many years in jail. Will this vulnerable man with his turbulent history be able to keep the promise he gave to his son, namely never again to be separated from him?





Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival 2013

Recommendations of Cinema Owners
Séverine Cornamusaz 

Swiss Film Prize 2013

Swiss Film Prize
Best Actress (Beste Darstellerin)
Sabine Timoteo 

Cyanure (2013)