The Motel Life (2012)

Director:Alan Polsky, Gabriel Polsky Producer:Alan Polsky, Gabriel Polsky, Ann Ruark Story:Based on The Motel Life by Willy Vlautin  Screenplay by:Noah Harpster, Micha Fitzerman-Blue Music by:Keefus Ciancia, David Holmes Cinematography:Roman Vasyanov

Edited by:Hughes Winborne  Running time:85 min Country:United States Language:English Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller  Subtitle:English  Starring:Emile Hirsch as Frank Flannigan, Andrew Lee as 14-year-old Frank, Stephen Dorff as Jerry Lee Flannigan, Garret Backstrom as 16-year-old Jerry Lee, Dakota Fanning as Annie James, Kris Kristofferson as Earl Hurley, Joshua Leonard as Tommy, Dayton Callie as Uncle Gary, Noah Harpster as Al Casey, Jenica Bergere as Polly Flyn



        Two brothers who are forced to leave Reno after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. Based on the novel by Willy Vlautin, this moody thriller is a searing and profound examination of brotherhood set in the timeless Sierra Nevadan frontier.
        The Motel Life is a 2012 American thriller film starring Emile Hirsch, Stephen Dorff, Dakota Fanning, and Kris Kristofferson. Directed and produced by brothers Alan and Gabriel Polsky, the screenplay was adapted by Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue from Willy Vlautin''s novel of the same name. The film was shot in Reno and Virginia City and also features animated sequences drawn by Mike Smith.






Chicago International Film Festival 2013

Audience Choice Award
Alan Polsky, Gabe Polsky

Rome Film Fest 2012

Associazione Italiana Montaggio Cinematografico e Televisivo (AMC) Award
Hughes Winborne
Fabienne Rawley
Audience Award
Gabe Polsky
Alan Polsky
Best Screenplay
Noah Harpster
Micah Fitzerman-Blue
Golden Marc''Aurelio Award
Gabe Polsky
Alan Polsky





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