Mr. Nobody (2009)(Director''s cut)

Director:Jaco Van Dormael Producer:Philippe Godeau Screenplay by:Jaco Van Dormael Music by: Pierre Van Dormael
: Christophe Beaucarne Editing by: Matyas Veress, Susan Shipton
 Running time: 157 minutes

Country:Belgium, Canada, France, Germany Language:English Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Romance   

Subtitle:English  Starring: Jared Leto ... Nemo Adult / Old Nemo, Sarah Polley ... Elise Adult, Diane Kruger ... Anna Adult,
Linh Dan Pham ... Jean Adult (as Linh-Dan Pham)
, Rhys Ifans ... Father Nemo, Natasha Little ... Mother Nemo,
Toby Regbo ... Nemo age 15
, Juno Temple ... Anna age 15, Clare Stone ... Elise age 15, Thomas Byrne ... Nemo age 9,
Audrey Giacomini ... Jean age 15
, Laura Brumagne ... Anna age 9, Allan Corduner ... Dr. Feldheim, Daniel Mays ... Young Journalist






รางวัล: 5 wins & 3 nominations.




European Film Awards 2010

Audience Award
Best Film
Jaco Van Dormael 

Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2009

Best Make-Up
Kaatje Van Damme 
Best Film
Jaco Van Dormael 

Stockholm Film Festival 2009

Best Cinematography
Christophe Beaucarne 
Bronze Horse
Jaco Van Dormael 

Venice Film Festival 2009

Biografilm Award
Jaco Van Dormael 
Golden Osella
Outstanding Technical Contribution
Sylvie Olivé 
For the production design.
Golden Lion
Jaco Van Dormael 


In the year 2092, one hundred eighteen year old Nemo is recounting his life story to a reporter. He is less than clear, often times thinking that he is only thirty-four years of age. But his story becomes more confusing after he does focus on the fact of his current real age. He tells of his life at three primary points in his life: at age nine (when his parents divorced), age sixteen and age thirty-four. The confusing aspect of the story is that he tells of alternate life paths, often changing course with the flick of a decision at each of those ages. One life path has him ultimately married to Elise, a depressed woman who never got over the unrequited love she had for a guy named Stefano when she was a teenager and who asked Nemo to swear that when she died he would sprinkle her ashes on Mars. A second life path has him married to Jean. Their life is one of luxury but one also of utter boredom. And a third life path has him in a torrid romance with his step-sister Anna, the two who,...

Mr. Nobody is a 2009 science fiction drama film. It was written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, produced by Philippe Godeau, and starring Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger, Linh Dan Pham, Rhys Ifans, Natasha Little, Toby Regbo and Juno Temple. The film tells the life story of Nemo Nobody, a 117 year-old man who is the last mortal on Earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. Nemo, memory fading, refers to his three main loves and to his parent''s divorce and subsequent hardships endured at three main moments in his life; him at age nine, fifteen and thirty-four. Nemo tells the story including alternate life paths, often changing course with the flick of a decision at each of those ages. The film uses nonlinear narrative and the many-worlds interpretation to tell the story of Nemo''s life.

Mr. Nobody had its world premiere at the 66th Venice International Film Festival where it received the Golden Osella and the Biografilm Lancia Award. Critical response was generally strong and the film was nominated for seven Magritte Awards, winning six, including Best Film and Best Director for Van Dormael. The film was mostly funded through European financiers and was released in Belgium on 13 January 2010. Since its original release, Mr. Nobody has become a cult film, noted for its philosophy and cinematography, personal characters and Pierre Van Dormael''s soundtrack.