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The Joy of Torture (1968)

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Ҩ The Joys of Torture Shogun''s Joys of Torture Ҿ¹ҧ§ҡش ѹ繨ش鹢ͧ˹ѧ˴ҴС÷ҹؤ ѧҡ˹ѧӹͧաº駨ҡӡѺҹ ¡ҶҹѡԨóоٴ֧ Ԫ ٴ֧˹ѧͧ


Director:Teruo Ishii Producer:Shigeru Okada Writing  by:Teruo Ishii   

Running time:85 min  Country:Japan Language:Japanese  Genre:Thriller, Pinku Violence  Subtitle:English 

Starring:Teruo Yoshida, Masumi Tachibana, Fumio Watanabe , Reiko Mikasa, Miki Obana , Yukie Kagawa,
Shin''ichirô Hayashi, Asao Koike, Kichijirô Ueda, Tamaki Sawa


Storyline:Teruo Ishii''s extremely provocative movie set in the 1600 in feudal Japan. 3 short stories dealing with punishment and torture. The first deals with incest where a woman is beaten and tortured to death for having an affair with her dying brother. The second is about lesbian nuns and the third story shows a crazy tattoo artist who kidnaps a woman to use as his canvas. Even though this movie is over 35 years old, the effects and the gore are amazing! Humans burned at barbeques, decapitations and more torture than you could possibly wish for makes this classic videonasty a must have for all fans of good and gory movies.  

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    The first segment is about Shinza who was hurt while working when a log hit him on the head and now sister Mitsu is forced give herself to her brothers boss Mr. Mino in order to help pay for Shinzas doctors bills. Mitsu agrees to talk to Mr. Mino about her brothers bill. Only he doesnt want to talk and decides to collect the debt owed to him from even if she was unwilling. Mitsu returns home after being raped by Mr. Mino only to find herself now being violated by her brother who now professes his love for her. They decide to keep their incestuous love a secret until one day when Mr. Mino shows up unexpected and catches them in the act. Mr. Mino threatens to report them o the police if Mitsu doesnt submit to himself once and for all as his mistress.
   The second segment is about the arrival of mother Reiho and her servant Rintoku at the Jukuin monastery. The monastery is located new to e temple inhabited by priest and one day when one of them named Shunkei runs by Reiho he arouses something inside of her. Reiho secretly watches from the bushes as Myushin and Shunkei have sexual rendezvous in the woods. Reiho who has developed an infatuation with Shunkei threatens to blackmail him into having have sex with her. Reihos obsession for Shunkei grows after he spurns her advances which leads to even more trouble for the woman he loves Myushin.
   The final segment is about a tattoo artist named Horicho who has just given Kimicho his greatest tattoo to date. While showing his work off to a group of people a man named Lord Nambera walks by mocking the tattoo and it lack of realism. Distraught Horicho begins to doubt himself as he looks high and low for the perfect subject for his next creation. In ordered to capture the essence of the realism he so desperately wants to capture in his tattoos Horicho asks Lord Nambera if he would allow him to witness the torturing sessions that go on during interrogations. With his masterpiece near completed he asks one more favor of Lord Nambera that will help fill in the final blank.
   All three stories in Shoguns Joy of Torture are connected by similar themes that connect them as a whole. The three stories are all well written and the acting as a whole is really good for a film with such dark subject matter. The films violence builds as the film progresses with each new segment up the level torture and mayhem. The Joy of Torture is a melting pot of sleaze that has all the staples we have come to expect from exploitation films like incest, nuns, rape, genital mutilation, beheadings, crucifixions and various other forms of torture. Despite the disturbing images that are contained the film every frame has been carefully designed and beautifully photographed. Director Teruo Ishii has never been known for his subtleness or unwillingness to take on controversial subjects. His direction in The Joy of Torture is inspired with stand out moments being the films two main torture sequences that leave very little for the imagination with their go for the throat mentality. Overall The Joy of Torture is solid film that foreshadows the visceral style of cinema that would dominate most of the 1970′s.

Very harsh Japanese torture film.

by HumanoidOfFlesh
"Shogun''s Joy Of Torture" is the first part in Teruo Ishii''s so-called "Tokugawa Series".This episode is set in seventeenth century Japan,when members of the Tokugawa clan ruled the country with fear and terror.Punishment for those who broke the rules set by the Shogunate was brutal and severe."Shogun''s Joy Of Torture" tells three terrifying stories about guilt,crime,and punishment.The film is loaded with some truly shocking torture scenes,so some unprepared viewers will be offended.Women are decapitated,burned alive,beaten,whipped or torn in two by oxen.The production values are high,the cinematography is polished and the soundtrack is moody and sad."Joy of Torture" spawned seven sequels from Teruo Ishii.All of them are truly sadistic spectacles of violence and misogyny,so fans of Japanese exploitation should check them out.9 out of 10.